M Gardevior Deck--Unstoppable or Easily Beaten?

First here is the deck list:

4 M Gardevior EX
4 Gardevior EX
4 Xerneas FLF

4 Gardevior Spirit Links
4 Evosoda
3 Pkmn Fan Club
3 Steven
2 VS Seeker
2 Fairy Drop
2 Elesa
2 Shauna
2 Pokemon Center Lady
2 Trainers’ Mail
2 Fairy Garden

20 Fairy

1st or 2nd turn get out a Xerneas and start using Geomancy to set up the Gardevior. By about your turn three or four you are ready to start kicking butt with the brilliant arrow attack on M Gardevior. The only goal to set up as fast as possible and spread the energy out to deal TONS of damage. My little brother built this deck and it seems nigh on unbeatable every time I play. Even safeguard Pokemon can be easily taken down with the 2nd attack from the Xerneas. What do you guys think? Any brilliant strats for taking it down?

~ Neptem

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