M Aerodactyl OP or Lame?


The promo M Aerodactyl looks like it has potential especially if used with special fighting energy. But ten to every benched is a pretty steep price to pay. Tell me if you think it would be worth using. Here are links to M Aerodactyl and Aerodactyl EX:

M Aerodactyl: http://www.trollandtoad.com/p1087596.html

Aerodactyl EX: http://www.trollandtoad.com/p1087595.html

By the way it does have a spirit link.


Well, 210 is pretty low for a mega, but Manectric has seen success so it isn’t too bad. Also, Lightning isn’t the best weakness to have. As for it’s attack, it’s pretty mediocre, but could work with mega turbo and DCE. 110 is ok, especially because it hits weakness on Manectric and Jolteon, and on a lesser extent Darkrai. 10 to all is ok, especially with Mime. It can also use Fighting Stadium, Strong Energy, and Regirock to boost it. It could be ok.


Lame. m man is so much better in so many ways


Would take too long to set up and the 210 hp means it will be KOed easier which will leave you in an awful position. Carbimk BREAK could provide some quick setup which could make this deck kinda viable, but would probably lose to much of the meta.

EDIT: Just realized it only needs three energy. Now the only issue with it is you will probably have to settle with two-shotting things. But still, in a slower, more ex heavy meta, this might see some success but not currently.


The important thing to note is that it is better than mega steelix


But m man is weak to said M aerodactly. It also might provide a way to get damage on night march pokemon on the bench especially the ones with low hit points (all of them).


10 damage will do nothing to Night March unless you hit 11 times to KO a Shaman-EX. Joltik also hits for weakness and a Pumkaboo with a Fighting Fury Belt will survive an attack. You will not have a good Night March match-up.