Lurantis gx question


Which is better lurantis vileplume or lurantis eeveeloutions. EEveeloutions helps counter Vulcanion and all fire decks while jolteon counters mega ray and flareon helps against lurantis and other grass decks. Meanwhile lurantis vileplume severely hinders many decks in the format. Especially vespiqueen. which would you suggest. Both decks are good but i am looking for tips and strategies regarding lurantis gx.:kissing:


Lurantis/Garbodor is probably the most well known Lurantis variant, and best. I guess Lurantis/Vileplume is better though.


Like you said lurantis garbodor is good. Tell if it would be too clunky but a lurantis/ garbodor and vileplume


Well garb shuts down plume, so that would be horrible.


Mistyped sry yahoo lurantis vileplume garb would be bad