Lurantis for the win// a look at a one of the stranger deck lists I have seen


I have been asking for others lurantis gx decks and this one caught my eye. I have been trying it at the St. George pokemon league and well it swept. I had forfeits and many wins. I will continue testing and editing until the deck is ready for region(aka: up to par with my other decks.) This deck is strange in the way there is so many 1-1 lines and uses everything from ariados,shiinotic,sceptile ex, and even the famed lurantis, as well as lugia and shaymin ex’s.
Here is the list:

floral assault

1 lugia ex
2 shaymin ex
3 fomantis
3 lurantis gx
2 oddish
2 gloom
2 vileplume
1 spinarak
1 ariados
1 sceptile ex
1 morelull
1 shiinotic

The shiinotic and shaymin set up while ariados and sceptile use teamwork to overpower the opponent. Vileplume sets item lock while lurantis powers the lugia which is a powerful opponent against m mewtwo decks.

3 acro bike
1 timer ball
3 trainers mail
4 ultra ball
4 forest of giant plants
4 lysandre
4 N
2 assault vest
4 sycamore
1 float stone
1 revitalizer
9 grass energy

So there is the “strange deck” I was explaining earlier. It’s truly funny how lurantis has caused so many new strategies to rise from the dust.


What’s wrong with this picture?


Don’t see anything. Maybe a little inconsistent but the deck has cards to seek these out


That’s an understatement.

But you won’t be able to seek out a 2-2-2 line if it’s prized. And don’t even think about suggesting town map. Just thicken the Vileplume line.


Ya that would work. Thanks for the. suggestion.


And Sceptile and Shiinotic are bad. Cut them, add in a 1-1-1 vileplume.


Shiinotic seeks any grass types you need sceptile I understand but shiinotic helps run the deck


Shiinotic is pointless when you could have just Ultra Balled for the Oddish or Gloom or Vileplume or whatever. Not to mention Shiinotic is a complete waste of a bench spot.

You. Have. Lurantis. You do not need Sceptile. Why would you rather attack with Sceptile when you can just attack with Lurantis and do as much or more damage? Not to mention Lurantis helps power up other attackers. If anything, swap Sceptile for a Lugia EX. It’s not weak to fire, and helps you against Glaceon.


Sorry mistyped I meant to say you don’t need sceptile sorry


And sceptile for another lugia would actual be pretty good


contrary to what smashandslash says: shiinotic is neat for extra consistency when you want to build a lot of grass towers e.g. Decidueye-GX. However I prefere the unown engine if you wanna turbo a stage 2 grass line. 3-3-3 vileplume is not a good idea as you only build one and the others don’t power a vespiquen or anything. Run 2-2-3 with level balls and unown if you want to increase consistency.
Try running sycamore/lillie over N in this deck.
I think tech like sceptile/ariados will become more redundant as lurantis/plume lists evolve, [quote=“smashandslash, post:4, topic:10222”]
But you won’t be able to seek out a 2-2-2 line if it’s prized. And don’t even think about suggesting town map. Just thicken the Vileplume line.
N.B. prizing both of 2 cards is 0.8%. Decks like these have a maximum consistency of 95% due to the existence of prize cards. I would rather add level ball with the extra unown out for super consistency, then face the raw 0.6% consistency drop of not running 3 oddish.


May I see your math?


assuming 60 cards in deck: (yes, slight inaccuracy due to the existance of 1 active)
6 prizes are taken: 58x57x56x55x2x1x6C2 divided by 60x59x58x57x56x55 = 30/60x59 = 1/118 = 0.0085
which we multiply by 100% to use the percentage system: hence, 0.84745% chance of both of a 2-of being prized.
Note, this number varies slightly: higher for basics and lower for other cards.


Can you Pm me this math? I’m a little confused on how this works and where you get all these numbers from. Also, don’t you need to factor in seven cards being drawn for the hand?


This figure is outside of the game: simply put, if the game setup was lay out 6 prizes then draw a start hand (assuming you never prized all basics), there would be no difference in the chance of any 1 card being prized. Therefore the hand is irrelevant when calculating the chance of both being prized over the course of say, 100 games.
The probability that both of your “2-of” are prized with the knowledge that they arn’t in your start hand is a different figure. (1.0884% if you care). This is not the number you want however, as you just want to know how often they’ll be prized; not how often they’ll be prized when you don’t see them in your start hand.


Still a little confused about how this works


I was mentioning the hand because you would need to calculate for the 8th-13th card in your deck cuz those are the cards that go in prizes


8th-13th card is the same as the 1st-6th card.


Well this guy I played against in a league prized three of his Lurantis. He did a good fancy waterfall shuffle too, followed by a riffle shuffle. He conceded immediately to my Greninja Break. So the chances of him prizing all three is like 1 in 3245612974?


That must really suck for the guy.The thing is it can depend on how a person shuffles, the worse the shuffle the bigger chance of all 3 being prized.