"LunaRock" – Lunatone DX, Solrock DX, Solrock LM // HL-on

Pokemon - 9

4 Lunatone DX
2 Solrock DX
2 Solrock LM
1 Roselia LM

Trainers - 34

4 Cursed Stone
1 Desert Ruins
4 Pokemon Reversal
4 Energy Removal 2
4 Holon Transceiver
4 Holon Mentor
4 Mary’s Request
2 Steven’s Advice
2 Pokemon Retriever
2 Scott
1 Rocket’s Admin.
1 Holon Adventurer
1 Switch

Energy - 17

8 Fighting
4 Holon FF
4 Rainbow
1 Heal

Date: July 6, 2006
Options: -1 ???, +1 Desert Ruins

This is one of my favorite decks of all time, just because of how puny it seems on paper. I went 6-3 whiff cut at Nationals 2006 with it, but my brother got 3rd place in Juniors. It had an awesome matchup against Blastoise (the BDIF, IMO) and pretty much any deck that relied on exs was favorable. The Raichu/Exeggutor matchup was terrible, but that deck was new at Nationals and I didn’t expect it. I might have considered this for Worlds too if RaiEggs wasn’t a thing.

How does tho deck have a good matchup against LBS much less win worlds? I just can’t see it.

It seems more like Trainers are what make the matchup, more than the Pokemon.

Cursed Stone is going to be really annoying for Blastoise ex, as well as Desert Ruins, combined with Solrock paralyzing pretty much every other turn OR 40 snipe for 1 energy wherever, and Lunatone either locking them out OR doing 60 damage for 1 energy on a non ex OR an amazing consistency attack from Lunatone OR 10+1/2 paralysis.

All of this keeping in mind that LBS has to discard 2 Energy whenever it wants to OHKO a non-ex Pokemon unless it wants to attack w/ a Blastoise for 4 of your 11 [W] energy.

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This is a really interesting deck. It’s similar in theory to the Yveltal XY/Crobat deck that Rob Davies used at Candian Nationals. In a format dominated by Pokemon-ex, using a bunch of non-ex Pokemon that can 2HKO (or with the help of Desert Ruins/Cursed Stone, 1HKO) most of the Pokemon-ex is a good strategy.

Against LBS, sometimes you could even use Solrock to discard all of their energy while disrupting them with Rocket’s Admin. Shutting down their Pidgeot with the Solrock with the PokeBody was huge.

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Drag up Blastoise and you win, basically. Attack with Solrock until you Burn it or Roselia can Poison it. That shuts off their Energy acceleration, Solrock shuts down Pidgeot, and then you wear them out with Cursed Stone.

(Also I had the wrong card images shown above; they’ve been fixed.)


Oh I totally forgot about that! Pokemon couldn’t use their Poke-Powers if they were affected by a Special Condition. From there you can just discard all of their energy and Cursed Stone does all of the damage for you.

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