Lucario PLS, Cofagrigus PLS Variants // BCR-on

4-4 lucario PLS
3-3 cofagrigus PLS
2 landorus FFI
16 pokemon

4 juniper
4 n
4 korrina
2 colress
1 lysandre
2 bicycle
4 ultra ball
2 silver bangle
1 muscle band
2 focus sash
2 switch
1 megaphone
1 random receiver
2 fighting stadium
32 trainers

6 fighting
4 dce
2 strong
12 energy

Strategy: knock out own cofagrigus to power up lucario for big damage. Landorus for acceleration. Questions?

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I actually tried using this deck when FFI first came out but found that the there were no “magic numbers” anymore. The evolutions with the loss of Level Ball weren’t helping either.

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If anything I’d say the magic numbers are much easier to hit now

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Interesting have you tried using Iris in this deck?

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Why only 2 Strong Energy? Random Receiver isn’t very reliable when you are running Lysandre, and it doesn’t mix well with Korrina. I’d drop it for another draw card.

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Ok. In the old set, you could run Milotic, because the energy acceleration needed in this deck is a bear. Yes you run Landorus, but that is one energy at a time and only on Basic Energy. Bleh. The point is to achieve quick KOs on both side of the field. Landorus isnt doing that. Hes stalling while slowly powering up one Pokemon.

In the old set you could knock out Cofagrigus +30, and attack with Lucario with a Silver Bangle for 120. So 150 total. But thats only with one Cofagrigus knocked out. You couldve knocked out a Milotic and powered up another Lucario fully and been able to knock out nearly anything for 180. Or you couldve knocked out another Cofagrigus and knocked out the defending Pokemon that way.

Now Milotic is gone. Youve added in Fighting Stadium and Strong Energy. Youre running two of each. You have no way of searching for then in the deck youve provided. Each does +20. So lets say you manage to get lucky and even get one out on turn two. Lets knock out a Cofagrigus too. So Cof(30)+Lucario(90)+Bangle(30)+20=170. Just short of knocking out Lucario, Landorus, Yveltal, Lugia etc. Takes care of Genesect and Virizion fine though. If you manage to get both out then youre fine. But youre introducing two new elements that you have no way of searching for, on top of having weak basics, and slow acceleration.

The benefit of Strong Energy and Fighting Stadium do not greatly improve this deck, I found that it even hindered it when running enough to be consistent.

Congrats if you get the deck to work but Im simply trying to share what Ive learned when trying to test this deck a few weeks ago. This will not be competetive.

Milotic with Energy Grace ability was released in FLF, it’s not rotating.


He didnt include it in his list. That form of gone.

Random receiver to get with a korrina in case I need another supporter

Sorry for double post but I agree with ya compt I have done a bunch of testing with it and it could be a bit more consistent with milotic. Lando helps with that extra damage you may be short of but it’s an attack so it is worse. The deck list I have here is basically a glass cannon.

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How about this:

4-4 Lucario PLS
3-3 Milotic FLF
2 Landorous FFI
1 Mewtwo EX
4 Junpier
4 N
2 Shauna
2 Colress
2 Korrina
2 Iris
4 Ultra Ball
3 Silver bangle
2 float stone
3 focus sash
1 computer search
8 fighting
2 strong

I run this deck and the way to run it is with Lucario, Milotic and KK and life dew. Knocking out 6 pokemon is never for any deck and your deck gets stronger as the game goes on AND forces your opponent to play around EXlock.

If you want an “EX-lock” why not use Pyroar and have a “Basic/EX-lock”? But I still don’t see how this works…
Care to share a decklist? Have you tried Iris? Does it work for you?

Here is my take on the “Glass Cannon” deck:

4 Lucario (PS 78)
4 Riolu (PS 76)
3 Milotic (FF 23)
3 Feebas (FF 22)
2 Landorus (FI 58)
1 Mewtwo EX (ND 98)

4 Professor Juniper (PF 116)
4 N (NV 101)
2 Colress (PS 135)
3 Iris (PB 101)
3 Korrina (FI 111)
2 Lysandre (FF 104)
3 Silver Bangle (PB 88)
3 Focus Sash (FI 91)
2 Ultra Ball (FF 99)
3 Fighting Stadium (FI 90)
1 Computer Search (BC 137)

4 Double Colorless Energy (XY 130)
9 Fighting Energy (XY 137)

I dropped all the strong energy because once it is in the discard, Milotic and Landorus can’t retrieve it. Instead I added the Fighting Stadium and it has been clutch. I’ve considered dropping Mewtwo altogether and adding another fighting energy… Overall this has been a fun deck, it’s awesome to see the shock on their face when Lucario hits for 180, but the “glass” part of the deck breaks more then I’d like…can’t wait to try Battle Compressor in this deck, then this deck will be really fun.