Lucario-EX FFI, Crobat PHF Variants // XY-on 2016

Here’s a list I’ve been kicking around for the past while. I’ve seen some success with the deck, however it is prone to dead draws. Suggestions are welcome.

2 Hawlucha (FUF 63)
2 Shaymin-EX (ROS 77)
3 Golbat (PHF 32)
4 Zubat (PHF 31)
3 Crobat (PHF 33)
3 Lucario-EX (FUF 107)
5 Fighting Energy (XY 137)
4 Strong Energy (FUF 104)
2 Lysandre (FLF 104)
1 Enhanced Hammer (PCL 162)
3 Muscle Band (XY 121)
2 Switch (PCL 163)
1 AZ (PHF 91)
1 Professor Birch’s Observations (PCL 134)
2 Focus Sash (FUF 91)
1 Professor’s Letter (XY 123)
3 Fighting Stadium (FUF 90)
3 Super Scoop Up (FUF 100)
3 Korrina (FUF 111)
4 VS Seeker (ROS 110)
4 Ultra Ball (ROS 93)
4 Professor Sycamore (PHF 101)

I’m loving this deck and am considering it for Cities. Very low maintenance, you get what you need when you need it with Korrina, OHKO’s anything with Manectric, and does pretty well overall. The only thing I’m concerned with are the Tyrantrum/Bronzong and Mega Ray matchups. Does anyone know how the matchup would go?

Loses to Vespiquen, Gengar, Vileplume (with Miltank and Aegislash) and possibly Camerupt

I played a Mega Ray with this deck earlier today. Focus Sash + Hawlucha is really, really good.

Vespiquen is definitely not an autoloss. If you get multiple Bats benched early, it’s not hard to steal KOs on whatever weak basics they have benched. Plus, Focus Sash.

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Stealing ko’s is not what I’d call a good position…

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Landorus FFI isn’t a bad card to put in there

I’ve played a bit with the Vespiquen and Night March matchups. To put it simply, it’s not easy. An early game Focus Sash and multiple bat drops help, but the matchup is a grind. You either get tied at 1/2 prizes and take it, or you lose.

[@CeladonBrit] recommends a certain Jirachi promo in his article specifically to deal with Giratina … which has been proving quite popular in our neck of the woods, and I’m trying to put something together for my daughter to experiment with … WHERE do you get that blister pack in Canada? I’ve checked the local Walmart and Toys ‘r’ Us and neither of them have had it. (I have no problem printing the proxy for testing, but I have to decide to pull the trigger on an eBay purchase today unless I can find a local provider.)

Everyone needs a copy of that Jirachi. It’s pretty cheap online, so go for it. Prices are only going to rise.

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And … done. Just worried about not getting it in time (across the border) before the first Cities. Definitely won’t be getting it before the end of November LCs …