Looking for PTCGO testing partner for some pre-PC tournaments

Hello there, I’m a player from Sweden and I’m currently playing in the masters division and as you probably guessed by the title, I’m planning on going to the european challenge cup that’s going to take place in the Netherlands at februari 7.
Yes, I’m aware that the ECC is right around the corner, but I’m I personally feel that I just some more testing wouldn’t hurt :slight_smile:

I’m mainly looking for some testing partners for pre-pc tournaments right now :slight_smile:

However, I wouldn’t really say that I may be the best player around, but at least I does not play any random 20+ energies deck… (I’m currently testing fairybox/manectric, Virgen, and yveltal, etc)
I’m aspiring to improve in the game and as such, playing against others who are most certainly better than yourself, is a great way to improve! At least in my opinion.

Preferably, I would rather play against european players (timezones) But I’ll gladly play against every player who asks :slight_smile: Keep in mind though, that due to the different timezones, it needs to be compatible with my terms :wink:

As a side note though, I would rather test against serious decks (Dark, toads, fairy, metal, virgen, flareon, donphan etc) rather than rouge decks (So, please try to not play decks such as politoed and Noivern xD)

If you’re interested, please respond below!

-SnarfSnarf5323 (on PTCGO)

Isn’t the ECC in like 2 days haha.

Yeah, I’m kinda aware of that and I’ve been testing on ptcgo quite a lot. However, with the recent update, everyone is playing decks with primal clash stuff, and because of that set is not going to be legal to play at the ecc, I would rather play against a deck that I MIGHT face at the ecc instead or facing decks that I haven’t prepared for.

I’ll probably ask for a playing partner a bit earlier the next time that I post a similar thread to this…

I’ll playtest with you! My screen name is “The_Iron_Bat” and I play mostly Yveltal,but some metal too. Let me know what you want to do!

Hi, sorry for such a late reply… (I should probably post an updated thread where I don’t mention the ECC, since It’s already finished…) but, are you available for testing some games during this week? (I just got notified that an upcoming league challenge is going to be held this sunday)