Looking for ptcgo testing partner for ecc/regionals

Hey guys, i am a senior from the netherlands who has his invite in the pocket. With the european challenge cup and regionals upcoming, i really need good testing for decks. Looking for someone who is serious with testing and knows how to play multiple decks. It would be great if someone who also lives in the eu would like to test (timezones). If interested, please respond below.
Thanks very much guys!


I’m available right now. Username is TPFYOUTUBE

Me as well. Username: aetherweb (all lower case)

I can help you with Donphan and Seismitoad/Slurpuff training. Username: M_2012

You can add me: Doogtits

I have various Rogues and the standard meta decks.
I’ll give you a run.

I’ll be available in about 9 hrs (if that works for your TimeZone) – I play a Bronzong Line Deck and also a Night March Deck. My handle is piercove

I’m GMT so I could help you out. Just PM me.

I can test, add me. :slight_smile: Name is The-Frosty-Mage

I can do some testing as well. I play under my son’s id of:


I am usually on in the morning and early afternoon US time.

Anyone can add me, just search “The_Iron_Bat”. I mostly play the dark deck, but I also mess around with metal links.