Looking for a testing partner for regionals


Hi! Since regionals are coming up, I was wondering if anyone could help me test for it.
-Must be on ptcgo

Other than that, I would like to test against the meta.

Add me on ptcgo, I have almost everything. My username is “aetherweb”

Thanks everybody!


I would do it, but I don’t have that much PTCGO stuff. I’m still starting on that front. If you’re ok with that though, I’ll do it!


If you can use LackeyCCG I’ll do it.


I have a lot of stuff to test, my username is bluezune.


please read the OP. thank you.


I was just saying it if nobody else volunteered, no need to be rude with it.


There is also this thread: PTCGO, Post Rotation and Expanded Test Group
with lots of people who would test with you.