Look Who's Back (Plus Bonus Picture)


Hi all, I’m back… hopefully.

I’ve been gone since the end of the season last year, but now I’m looking to get back into the swing of things now that I am less busy (and actually have a job).

Anyways, I was swinging by my local hobby shop when I saw a nice surprise: Forbidden Light out a day early!

So I did what any reasonable person would do and asked the owner if I could by a few packs. He said sure, and voila:

Anyways, I don’t really know what the meta is anymore, and certainly not for standard. I’ve got all of the expanded stuff that I need (Shaymins, VS Seeker, Computer Search, etc.), but I’m sorta lost in Standard. If you could give me a few pointers on what’s going on that would be greatly appreciated.



Ok then, here is it simply for standard:
-get Lele’s (most decks use 2-3)
-Buzzwole GX is big
-Zoroark GX is also big
-Everything else that is big is big because of these two decks
-With the new set, prepare for stuff like better buzzwole and Ultra Necrozma/Malamar
-Because she can grab basics and GXs, Brigette from breakthrough is incredibly good right now

Also, quick note for expanded:
-Zoroark, Zoroark, Zoroark. If you play anything else, be able to beat Zoroark. (Most popular version is Zoroark/eggs)


Also, they made a big rule change recently. They basically doubled the prize penalties, and you don’t take the prize cards, but you don’t need to draw them (example: My opponent gets a two prize penalty. I don’t take the cards, but I only draw four)


So you get to draw 4 prize cards and discard them/shuffle into deck?

Or do you just draw four cards from your deck?


Neither. If you get a prize penalty, we just get a marker saying I only need to take 4 cards. No extra cards at all



Nice pulls! But yea - as said the format right now is centralized around a couple of things:

Zoroark variants (Zororoc, Zoropod, Zorogard, Zorogarb, etc.), Buzzwolle decks, and also a lot of people are calling/predicting malamar based decks to rise to deal with the rise of buzz. Additionally Bulu and Sylveon still definitely do exist. Other less played decks are still things to consider (Volcanion and ninja IE)