Look for people to test with

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to test and practice my play more often and need some people to do that with, I’m from the UK so someone who is close to me in time zones would be preferable.
I currently play on PTCGO (My name is ii_defy) but I can play on skype or pick up playtcg.

If you want to test with me then just drop me a message and we can sort something out.Thanks.

(I saw there were similar posts but I didn’t want to grave-dig, sorry)

I’m American and I don’t play really often, but my user name is thflame. If you and I are both online and want to play, just message me. I play Pyroar.

Thanks, I’ve sent you a request.

Still looking for other people, preferably on something not ptcgo (it’s hard to find all the cards you need)

Shoot me a request, my in game name is talltree2011. I am in US but I am on a lot of different times. Could use someone to playtest with.

I wouldn’t mind play testing, im pretty new to ptcgo , so I’m using a variant of the gallate deck still, im looking for cards for Donphan , my name is squidking305

Feel free to add me, my name is Ninjaotter2499 and I’m on most Friday and Saturday nights.

I can use Lugia EX variants, Seismitoad variants, and Palkia EX variants if you’re interested.

Add me, my user name is captainfive and I play a different deck almost every time.

If anyone is interested in playing an experienced player like myself (or some of my friends), I would be a great competitor for you. My screen name is The_Iron_Bat and I am on usually for 3-5 (Midwestern time/ UTC-6:00) and I usually play Yveltal and Seismitoad variants.

Add me too if you’d like. the__state is my username, (two underscores) I have a few decks good for testing; Yveltoad, VirGen, Lando/Lucario, as well as a Donphan & friends deck. I’m always testing out new decks too, so I’d love to have someone to battle to test with as well. I’m usually on from 6pm-10pm EST. Anyone’s in this thread is welcome to add me too! :smile:

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