Login problems with the bbs


We are currently experiencing some login troubles which began yesterday evening. I plan to look into the issue this afternoon. If you do have success logging in to the bbs, it would be helpful if you could report here how you did so. If you are already logged in, then don’t worry about this.

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My issue has been exclusively with iOS 8.1’s Safari. No perceivable pattern at this point.


My hunch is that if your are logged out of everything (WordPress and Discourse) and you try to log in from either side, you won’t get logged in to Discourse on the first attempt. You will be logged into WordPress though. After that if you try to log in from Discourse you’ll be logged in.

I sort of doubt this is browser related.


Ok, so I was close. If you log in from the front page, you get logged in fine. If you begin your login from the bbs, that’s when the error occurs. I’m looking into fixing it right now.


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Found the error and corrected it. Logins should be all good now.