Lillie /// a possible shaymin replacement


That, my friend, is gold! Need to write it down.

But onto the point: Lillie is better than sycamore; however only exclusively to decks of a similar style to vespiplume. However, note that in vespiplume, sycamore is better cause you run revitaliser (cause of compressor) and because you want to discard stuff for damage. However, in a deck that turbos a stage 2 grass type that doesn’t use vespiquen and doesn’t exist in a format with access to battle compressor, say Tsareena, lillie is better than sycamore. This is what I have found from testing.


True. Play it in something like straight Lurantis or a turbo decidueye, but never in plume. Plume’s ability clogs up your hand and trust me, I know when I say your hand gets cloggy with or against plume. If you are using lillie after turn 1, it’s useless.


Couldn’t have said it better myself.


Don’t worry Bunny, I’m sure Lillie will see play after Tapu Lele comes out.With Tapu Lele, you can ultra ball for a turn one Lillie.But even then it may not see play. So all your hopes may die.


Hey guys
Hey so ya I noticed this and thought about it. Lillie gives you right when you play it but, only on the first turn. Other times you only get 4. Shaymin always gives let’s you have six in your hand. I have a proposal. Use them both in the same deck :boom: mind blown lol. I know bunny rich and they just love Lillie so take this thread with a pinch of salt as always. Focus sash is an ability. :wave:


Sup Riley when did you create an account. But Ya shaymin always delivers like you said. Some of your info was a bit confusing.


Wait so this guy is ur friend?


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No just a neighbor that comes over every so often to test his decks