Lillie /// a possible shaymin replacement


Another great point for swan keep it up. And ya sycamore won’t always be the immortal beast many people see it as. You have to prepare for the future. That is one reason pokemon is fun. The rotating of cards finding replacements and having fun


Now it just sounds like you work for pokemon and r payed to say this stuff…


I don’t. I just love the game. And I am forced to type fast and avoid autocorrect. STUPID DARN AUTOCORRECT. But thank you


THANK for the like SWAN


Look at my other topics as well. All my ideas are 100 percent mine. And if others say they are 100 percent theirs tell me


Lillie could and might become a replacement for shaymin for people who can’t afford shaming.


I don’t know about that, its more that shaymin can be a replacement for using a supporter, and we probably won’t have it next year. Lillie is nothing special as a supporter, except that its a new turbo draw supporter, and pretty much exclusive to that role at that.


Yes I’m actually excited for when shaymin rotates out I’m trying to sell mine now. Since none of my decks use it besides dragonair. The price is rapidly falling


I you should probably hold onto them:
I suspect the roaring skies reprint is hurting the value more than rotation fears atm.


Shaymin really has not much use to me I most likely will trade to the highest bidder. I know price will raise but Shaymin is not something I need. I am going to trade mine now while still standard and popular


Here is my reasoning: how often can you garuntee that you have only 1 other card besides your Lillie. That will tell you how often it is equal to or better to playing a Sycamore. If I had to guess, it isn’t often. The discard part of Sycamore should not affect you much either, after all, you are playing many cards, or your hand is dead. This is what I will say: fresh hands are invaluable. The other reason for Sycamore is that Lillie only works on the first turn. After that, it is most likely more or less a dead card. Sycamore is valuable until the closing stage of the game.


It after first turn is draw six and shuffle hand which actually is pretty good. In some aspects like a shaymin



Like I said sycamore won’t always be able to xxx sa[quote=“Bunnyrich123, post:21, topic:10227”]
sycamore won’t always be the immortal beast many people see it as. You have to prepare for the future. That is one reason pokemon is fun. The rotating of cards finding replacements and having fun

ve you. For all we know a massive sycamore counter will appear. I will ask all in the thread what then?0


Not it is not it is a genuine idea


If it were shuffle-draw 6, if used your first turn shuffle-draw 8, it would be broken, but it is just straight drawing. No shuffling.


Still a decent card I am actually expecting this card to be used unlike most of my other strategies


You have to admit it might not replace shaymin but it’s still a good card. Plus lillie is hot/cute


Why do you insist on posting in multiple responses? Also, Bianca (draw until you have 6) was not good. If Shaymin were a supporter, it would be awful. Shaymin is good because it is not just something that draws you card, it is something that draws you cards without using a supporter.


The response thing I just think of something new and post. I’m not on this website 24/7 so I do multiple. So tall lillie might not be the best bit still a really cool card to build decks with[quote=“Bunnyrich123, post:37, topic:10227”]
Plus lillie is hot/cute

There is also that benefit. The full art is pretty cool

Edit:now that I think about it lillie is not as good as I originally thought but
A cool card to use in decks. And in certain decks lillie could be a powerful ally


Forgive me for making assumptions, but based on your posting habits and self-admitted attraction to a character like Lillie, I’m guessing (read: hoping) you’re a pretty young player. Try not to take it too personally, but if you get the feeling people here are being a bit harsh, it’s because you’ve flooded the boards with topics and double (and triple) posts about ideas that aren’t really as competitive as you think they are. I understand your excitement to share your ideas, but I’m going to give you the bluntest yet most helpful piece of advice that I can while you’re still new here: lurk more.