Lillie /// a possible shaymin replacement


Shaymin, one of the most used cards ever and for a reason too, draw til’ you have six cards in your hand. Lillie does the same thing but on first turn it is eight that is better than shaming. With lillie you also do not worry about being smiled and koed. I don’t need to say,that much about it. Thanks for reading a report from the strategy corner by Ivan Richardson.


Is this another troll?


Lillie uses up your supporter for turn. Shaymin doesn’t. End. Of. Story.


But shaymin gives sniping opportunities for the opponent where they could take two prizes


Just a thought I had


They’ll take prizes anyway when you dead draw due to not having Shaymin. What difference does it make? And sometimes, they don’t even target the Shaymin. Sky Return is also a thing.


There is literally no point in arguing this thread is gonna be deleted anyways


When shaming becomes expanded that will make lillie a more viable option


Maybe. But that’s like a year from now. For now, Lillie will NEVER replace shaymin.


For now but that does not stop lillie from being played


whose troll acc is this


I haven’t seen this discussed yet but, what will happen when shaymin rotates out?

What alternative for massive draw speed setup are people going to use?

Maybe more decks might play octillery and lillie?


It’s pointless to discuss now what will happen when Shaymin rotates out of Standard. For one thing, there’ll be two more sets coming out before Worlds, and we don’t have any idea what new cards they’ll bring. More importantly, we should be worrying about what to play now, not what to play half a year from now.


These are all just ideas and the reason I am discussing lillie is because I saw it as a potentially good card when shaymin rotates


A new card today does a much better job, it is shuffle draw 7 after you use a gx attack


what new card are you talking about exactly


Latte1504 is talking about the new Hala supporter which was announced. Think Birch, but instead of a coin flip its based on whether you’ve used your GX attack or not.

About lillie, for now she seems to belong in the forest of giant plants with speed vileplume and Tsareena decks. So far away from Nebby.


Hala is not out yet and I like the idea of lillie with tsareena


Sycamore will always be better. The only time I would play Lillie is if I can garuntee myself a 0-card hand.


Um… sry to steal your thunder, involving the whole “for thousands of years we have used sycamore, we will still for thousands of years!!!” speech. However, in tsareena/absol.dek which i have been working on, lillie outclasses sycamore and gives me the first turn lock a ridiculous amount.