Legendary Moltres/Zapdos Deck; Making it play better for casual


Best low cost singles and deck modifications to make to legendary M/Z decks in order to play reasonably well for casual and low competitive play.

So, played base to fossil and rocket at the dawn of time- and dropped CCG’s for a long while. Recently got into MTG with Miss West, and we collected two ravnicia guilds (Boros and Orzhov) and promptly stopped spending money while enjoying two highly themed decks that play well against one another.

She is very much into Pokemon Go, and when we saw the legendary packs while shopping for kitchen supplies at target- I impulse bought the two packs. We have played the contents a few times, and are getting a generally good experience- fortunately we could recall enough from our childhoods that we could play reasonably well- and I got to say these intro sets are really lovely.

I would like to copy much of what we did with MTG and make some intresting and entertaining decks that allow for some play. I have researched team plasma a little, they seem like jerks but I’m enjoying the theme.

I’m going to start with my deck first because I am familiar with it. However I am a new player, so please be nice.

My first impression was to purchase a second Moltres starter, allowing me to pair up diffrent Eevee’s strategically and focusing on letting the monkeys do the hard work. Also the deck seems to come with a decent set of support/trainer cards that are “plasma themed” with focus on card pickup and fetching needed Pokemon. It’s a decent starting tool kit, but I don’t require doubles of most of the cards.

Like any introductory pack the individual cards are limited to 1-2 copies making the game feel more random. Also the support cards seem lacking, and I don’t quite understand how to get the most of plasma cards/ synergy in gameplay.

It occurred to me that other players may already have thought of the problem- and I would be intrested to hear opinions/diffrent points of view.

Moltres Deck List
Moltres-EX ×2
Flareon ×2
Umbreon ×2
Eevee ×3
Infernape ×2
Monferno ×2
Chimchar ×3
Snorlax ×1

Absol ×1
Colress ×2
Colress Machine ×2
Escape Rope ×1
Ghetsis ×1
Hard Charm ×2
Lysandre ×1
N ×2
Plasma Frigate ×1
Energy Retrieval ×1
Professor Juniper ×2
Professor’s Letter ×1
Shadow Triad ×1
Skyla ×1
Switch ×1
Team Plasma Ball ×2
Team Plasma Grunt ×2
Ultra Ball ×2
VS Seeker ×1
Fire Energy (foil) ×8
Darkness Energy ×5
Plasma Energy ×3

I would like to spend less than 10$ to bring this up to snuff- opinions and thoughts are welcome.


Here are a myriad of options. Pick and choose as you see fit.

Get rid of the Infernape line

Put in more Draw Supporters

Get rid of energy retrieval/search items

More Ball Search items

Get more Umbreon/Snorlax/DCE/Plasma Energy/Colress Machine

More Eeveelutions and Rainbow energies.


I’m supprised you suggest switching the Infernape line- his ability to kill energy on his victims and single energy required in first form has been generally helpful. What would you recommend replacing him with?

Snorlax has been useless in most games. Too many energy, he has made me contemplate additional double energies to try and speed up abilities.

Additional Search items/card draw are a great idea- am I missing something with the team plasma draws/cards? They seem to be focused on card draw and placing plasma energy out there, but the actual mix of support cards seems to be a mix, and I’m not fully aware of the plasma card pool despite research. An example of a plasma-centric support card list would be intresting to me.

I find energy retrieval to be an important mid to late game card, I’m supprised you suggest getting rid of them.


If you find the cuts that I am suggesting not helpful, then do not use them. I’m surprised that the Infernape can get out. It seems rather clunky. Because you usually aren’t discarding energy, you do not need too many of them. If you do not like Snorlax, do not add more. Seriously do consider the Eeveelutions though.