"Learn to Fly" – Mega Rayquaza, Trevenant/Accelgor, Speed Seismitoad, and the Mobile Realm

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Really enjoyed the article: i too have tested out a ninetales variant, in mine i have a single Wally to get the T1 stadium lock, and have a 1-1 raichu line also to maybe get a T1 circle circuit. My list also is more heavily focussed on trainer support (high Super Scoop Up and Ultra/Repeat Ball count over Winona) What are your feelings about these amendments and have you tried them yet?

You should fight me on hearthstone, unless your really casual like dont even play ranked

Have you considered using Teammates in Trevenant/Accelgor since it would make it easy to maintain the lock, or do you think that town map would be more valuable overall?