"Laying Low" – Three Decks Under the Radar for Spring Regionals 2014

Introduction The early battles! Hello! My name is Richard Gao (most people call me by Ricky), and I am a player from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada currently studying environmental sciences at the University of British Columbia. I began playing Pokemon around the time Triumphant was released, having gotten a Base Set Machamp Starter Deck as a child back in the day, but never really learning how to play until 2011. This will be my fourth year playing the Pokemon Trading Card Game and I have had quite a successful season so far. I am currently at 472 CP and am on pace to get a Worlds invite for the first…

Link: http://www.sixprizes.com/2014/04/02/laying-low-three-decks-under-the-radar-for-spring-regionals-2014/

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Nice Ricky! I love that you rep Ninetales, as that is a fun deck I’ve taken a liking to (if you can even say I play this game anymore…).

Do you think it’s really worth running Blend GRPD over Psychic Energies? Like… is Hammer In ever going to be your game-winning option in a deck that wants a Trevenant active every turn, or at least a Safeguarder/Snorlax? I can’t see any use outside that instance… You’re also only running 1 Bangle for added damage output, so that Hammer In is likely only doing 20… Psychics could be Super Rod’ed back though, and are definitely useful to have access to for Sigilyph/Trevenant in case of early discards/KO’s.

Originally in the list we (Jack and I) had Victini EX in the deck so the Blend Energy was crucial in allowing us to attack with “intensifying burn”. I still included it in the deck after taking out Victini because of the off chance we use Mew to attack using another attack although in all likelihood Psychic Energy would be better. I haven’t really had the need to Super Rod energy back into the deck though, it’s more so for pieces of the Dusknoir line should I need to ultra ball or juniper it away in addition to recovering Trevenant pieces. I almost want to go down to 1 psychic/blend because of space issues for a second Silver Bangle.

I meant to comment earlier… nice article! I thought your decision to play Exeggcute was interesting since I haven’t seen many people using it lately, but your rationale for using it and Jirachi-EX makes sense. Did you ever open with a lone Exeggcute during States or were you able to avoid the dreaded donk?

It’s funny you mention that Adam! I played essentially the same list for 10+ tournaments from City Championships up until BC Provincials. Before the State Championships, I had never started with Exeggcute. During the State Championship series, I started with it 4 times, being donked once before I drew a card due to Hypnotoxic Laser and Virbank CIty Gym. That being said, the Exeggcute and Jirachi EX have both won me much more games than they have lost which is well worth the risk to me. In fact, sometimes I would opt to bench the Exeggcute and place it active which either forced my opponent to knock-out something they did not really want to, burn resources to get Exeggcute out of the active spot, or just pass, giving me an additional turn to setup without giving up a prize.

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