Latios-EX ROS Variants // BCR-on

Or you could play mine:

Credit: me


Anyone else built mega latios with Crobat and tested?

I still think Altaria DRX is a way better partner…

There really should be two threads for this deck. One focused on Latios EX and one focused on Mega Latios EX. I don’t see any comparison between Latios and Manectric at all…Manectric can be placed in just about every deck with a few lighting energies, the same cannot be said about Latios. Latios decks have to be built around Latios EX or M Latios EX. The two cards try to achieve two entirely different strategies. Latios EX decks front load dmg on the active whereas M Latios EX decks focus on sniping.

Latios EX/bats > M Latios EX/bats, IMO.

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Kinda my thoughts also my deck right now is clunky I’m using mega plus bats with Lasers but thinking of dropping laser bank.

Both have their uses, if you want to snipe your opponent into oblivion, use Crobat, if you want to wreck your opponent head on, use Altaria. I know I was hating on Altaria earlier, but I was only thinking about sniping. I played it some more, and admit that both are good.

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Hey I’m building M-latios/bats and I’m not sure as to what I should put in to replace Trump Card any suggestions?

That depends what your list is

Sacred Ash is nice if you don’t already have it.

what would you get with sacred ash? You have enough pokemon to replace KO’ed Latios and no one tries to KO for the bat line

You’re absolutely right on both points; it’s there to act as a safety net if you’re forced to Juniper/Ultra Ball Bats/multiple Latios, especially if you prize important Pokemon,

If you have to use it not for unfortunate discards, but because too many Pokemon were knocked out, chances are, you’ve already lost.

@Darksripe2 I see you only run 5 energy…is it viable? Ever consider DDE to power up the second attack?

I was going to use a 3-3-3 bat line but now as trump cards been banned I changed a few cards so its 4-4-3 of the bats

I’m using the usual 3-3 latios with speed trainers like 4 ultra 3 repeat and 3 trainers mail I’ve got 2 Shaymins in there but I’m not sure if 3 is too much as I’m running silent lab at 3

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Recently saw a person running this card in there Latios EX deck:

They also used Reshiram ROS and of course DDE. But having the ability to retreat lock your opponent and the 150 dmg Luster Purge is really nice!

Andrew Wambolt posted his Latios ex list on the Charizard lounge in “The Order of the Scale” article. He used Latios ex PLF, Altaria DRX and DDE as well as Latios ex ROS.


He also had the benefit of Trump Card, which matters a good deal.


Yeah I was skeptical at first but the other version only offers so much. With Double Dragon Energy the only advantage the other has is when you do open with it and thus can attack T1. If you go second and are using DDE (doesn’t always happen but often enough) then you get 40 damage with a bonus effect. Luster Purge can be real nice, especially with buffs pushing it into OHKO territory for most things that aren’t protected (Safeguard), Mega Evolutions or Wailord-EX.

Haven’t touched the game in a year, so I’m bad, but been playing with Wamboldt’s list all day and it seems tight. No LTC hasn’t been an issue, everything played just fine without. Bunnelby is kinda cute for recycling DDE’s like he mentioned, and I really like 1 M-Latios-EX, but like I said, last set I was around for was Flashfire, so take it with a grain of salt.

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I am assuming you’re asking because you want honest answers so to be blunt: nope. Everything in your deck is a Pokémon-EX. Contrary to what you’ll hear a lot of newbies complain about, Pokémon-EX are not inherently broken and using nothing but them won’t guarantee you a win. Now most of what you have listed are far more powerful than I think they should be, but even that requires they have proper support.

A non-Pokémon-EX is useful in general because it can force your opponent to take a seventh Prize; it doesn’t matter that there are only six actual Prize cards on the table if your opponent is stuck KOing a non-Pokémon-EX then he or she will have to take the remaining five Prizes by KOing three Pokémon-EX (which is actually worth six Prizes).

Non-Pokémon-EX are also useful because some decks rely on anti-Pokémon-EX effects; even a single non-Pokémon-EX attacker can swing the momentum in your favor and sometimes it will be the only real chance you have of winning (such as against a Safeguard Pokémon). Your only outs around such a thing right now are Hypnotoxic Laser, Lysandre or bench hits… and those last two only work some of the time.

How often will you go first? If you’re not a statistical anomaly, then it should approach about half the time. That is the only time the effect of Fast Raid will actually matter; if you go second you could have attacked with it anyway. Now 40 for [P] is still pretty good but we are in a format of “great” attacks so for it to be an overall good deck, you will probably need Latios-EX (ROS) to do a little more. I scoffed at first but after trying it I agree; when running a deck focused on Latios-EX and M Latios-EX, the older Latios-EX (PLF) is useful because with a Double Dragon Energy it is just as fast and its second attack hits harder than any of the others.

The Colorless M Rayquaza-EX on the other hand is already a great card but sticking it in here it won’t live up to that. It needs Skyfield so a deck running it should have at least three (and preferably four) copies. It usually is run with three or four copies of Shaymin-EX (ROS) because with Skyfield you’ve got the Bench space and the deck is built with a lot of cards that can be used right away for at least some benefit, ripping through your own deck to extract the needed set-up… and thanks to Rayquaza Spirit Link and its Ancient Trait, you can get M Rayquaza-EX into play in a single turn… which means the half of the time you go second, you should be trying to attack with it.

Sorry I can’t offer more detailed advice but I am short on time. Basically, it looks like you have two different decks blended together.


What about Mega Latios and Bronzong? if you get 2 bronzong going on your bench with mega latios ability to retreat for free you can keep putting 2 energy on him and sniping off low powered ex’s (Shaymin). I set it up tonight and did really well with it, I got the double dragon energy and 2 medal for every attack that way I could discard the metal energy and keep my double dragon energy.

  1. Latios

  2. M Latios

  3. Bronzor

  4. Bronzong

  5. Wailord (Wall)

  6. Reshiram

  7. Shaymin

  8. NineTails

  9. Pokemon Fan Club

  10. Colress

  11. Sycamore

  12. N

  13. Skyla

  14. Lysander

  15. Xerosic

  16. AZ

  17. Sky Field (I like the larger bench)

  18. Computer

  19. Ultra Balls

  20. Float Stones (Wailord)

  21. Battle Comp.

  22. Latios Spirit Link

4 Double Dragon Energy
6. Metal

I do not know why that numbered that way, I put the exact amount and it changed it to numeric order?