Latios-EX ROS Variants // BCR-on

Latios-EX Roaring Skies Playable?

I think he’ll be a decent rogue

How long have you been playing? This Latios-EX was at least playable to a degree.

Got into the game under a year after it came out. I began with InferCatty.
Similar to @baby_mario’s list here.

I think with Target Whistle Latios is a really powerful Shaymin/Jirachi Hater-it gets a lot on energy accel if you -play it with reshiram and hydreigon plus a few mega turbo’s! I have a list on my channel if anyone is interested: OmniPoke!

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Here is a Bats version of Latios EX.

Credit @WorldRenownedHeretic

What about using this Altaria:

with Wally, you could Fast Raid for up to 60 dmg.


Muscle Band for 80 and Expanded’s Plus Power for more.


Plus Laserbank, etc.

First Ticket is a really big deal with this being different between us/Japan. Still could be interesting.

To start off, I don’t think Fast Raid should be in the game, as @themiraclemeat’s video stated. IMHO, this attack just kind of goes against the whole style of play we have right now. I know it’s just one attack, but still, it’s OP. Especially as @GhostRegionand @KPiplup said, you add Laser Bank, Muscle Band, and Plus Power in expanded, this attack is just insane. Altaria is not as good in this situation as Bats, for the sole reason it doesn’t add damage when you hit the bench. Yeah, you will attack the active sometimes, but one of the biggest reasons this deck could be good, is the snipe capability. As @baby_mario stated in a rather old thread, muscle band damages benched Pokemon too, so this lets those Bats get some really nice damage going. Altaria is still a good card, much less versatile.

The Deoxys in Roaring Skies also has a turn-1 attack.

Fast Raid (Latios-EX’s first attack is only to the active Pokemon. I know (or I think I know) that’s not your point, but I will continue my comments about what you posted and (hopefully) illustrate what I mean clearly.

Mega Latios has the ability to snipe the bench Pokemon, but let’s consider the amount devoted to each evolution. Altaria will be a 4-3 or 4-4 but Crobat will be a 4-4-3 or 4-4-4, adding either 3, 4, or even 5 more cards to the deck. Yes, you can snipe with Crobat with its ability AND its attack, which is great, but you’re playing on not being KO’d. Altaria isn’t likely to be used to attack in worst-case scenario, Crobat might.

You’re misquoting, and I think @baby_mario will agree, the ruling was over-turned. Or, rather I should say, the ruling was never about Muscle Band. The Pokemon Tool you’re thinking of is Jamming Net and the stadium ‘Fighting Stadium.’ Someone has the correct ruling in the compendium, but I right now I’m arguing that it was another topic you were thinking of.


I guess you guys have broken the code, so here’s my list, beats most things:
4 Latios
4-4 Altaria DRX
1 Jirachi

4 Sycamore
4 Roller Skates
3 Acro Bike
3 Random Reciever
4 VS Seeker

3 Ultra Ball
1 Repeat Ball
1 Switch
1 Comp. Search
4 Laser
1 Silent lab
1 Tool Retriever
3 Muscle Band
2 Pokemon Catcher

4 Psychic

Working on a better one, more later.


baby mario most definitely agrees. A look at the text of Muscle Band tells you that it cannot affect Bench damage. Fighting Stadium was the card in question, and that was fixed via errata.

This shouldn’t be in the game either, but this isn’t as relevent as Fast Raid, because it doesn’t do damage.

That wasn’t my point.

Both are good in their own way, but if I had to choose one for this deck, I would choose Crobat for the reasons I stated in my earlier post. And also, I don’t know what you mean about attacking with Crobat and Altaria.

You’re right, I haven’t looked at Sixprizes for a while and didn’t know about the errata. Sorry. :smile:

You can attack with Crobat if you have to, however you can’t with Altaria, as attacking with Altaria would take too long to power up.

I think that Deoxys is fine. This effect of being able to attack should only be for set up attacks and shouldn’t do damage which is why I don’t like Latios that much. Later tomorrow, I hopefully will be able to post my M Latios decklist. Does anybody think it is worth it to have two threads, 1 for regular Latios and one for M Latios?


I briefly thought about two threads, decided it’s the same situation as M Manectric, so we’ll keep it as one.

Is there a reason why you didn’t include any Shaymin-EX? I can understand not wanting to have to start with it, but you have a switch and 4 SSU giving you a decent shot at being able to get it out of the active so you can attack t1.

Yeah I’m working on it.

Yup! I agree, another reason Crobat is more versatile. Thanks for the clarification.

I agree with that too. I don’t think either attack should be in the game, but Fast Raid is broken for the amount of damage that can be inflicted turn one. If you go first, you should be wanting to get an edge on setup, but letting your opponent get an edge on damage, not an on both as Fast Raid does.

I think Shaymin-EX could be a one of (like Jirachi-EX), to get out of any sticky situations. I’ll be posting my list tomorrow and I will be sure to include a Shaymin-EX

I thought about it a bit more, and after a bit of testing I don’t think Shaymin-EX is necessary. A bit more testing could prove otherwise, but this is the impressions I have now. It just wouldn’t get used enough.