Landorus-EX Variants // BCR-on

If you spend more time doing math and long statements about the game but you don’t get the testing in you don’t have that actual knowledge of the game. You can spend as much time trying to tear it apart bit by bit trying to make reason to my statements and how they will work, I was at best giving a hypothetical to how I think the matchup should be, start attacking with mewtwo because it deals more dmg overall in the beginning of the game while setting up energy onto your benched landorus so that even if one of them went down you had an additional attacker setup (strategy 101). 1 of the 2 landorus and or mewtwo, could be a mewtwo a lando and a seimetoad, lucario, dedenne doesn’t really matter, red signal seismetoad megalo cannon mewtwo ohko, g-booster same thing, doesn’t matter, the point is to make options to have as many alternative attackers setup and ready, take advantage of the e.switch you put in your deck, take advantage of the fact that you play a deck that you put down a single energy and you attack, take advantage of your strategy and win, this is a fast paced deck, vir/gen is not, it does come into it’s own yes but there is many ways to shut it down.

You know, I find from experience players that spend more time trying to do what your doing don’t make it as far as people who test things to find results in how the cards are being played, in theory decks that don’t entirely look good on paper do go far, decks that do look good on paper average a 3/2 or top 8 finish in most tournaments, the ones that win, win from testing and experience with the list.

If you play Garbodor w/ a tool attached, Hawlucha hits 60 dmg for just one energy (for weakness if the defender is weak to fighting) which is more dmg than any basic in the history of pokemon tcg for that amount of energy. If you have a strong energy, muscle band, fighting stadium…you see the potential yet?

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I had a question about this too. I know they let you use old Trainers and Energies (as long as they are in rotation), but do they lets you use old prints of pokemon? I ask cause I want to remake Ninetales, but have no promo only all dragons exalted.

If there is a legal reprint of a card, you are allowed to use any version of the card. So yes, you can use both DRX Garbodor and DRX Ninetales.


I would add two baby Landorus. The card is amazing. I would also take out the 3rd Float Stone for the Hawlucha. Then you can remove the 1-1 Beartic that is rather irrelevant for 2 Seismitoad EX. I would also take out the Skyla for a Korrina and one of the Shaunas for a 3rd Korrina. The card is amazing.

On the subject of reprints:

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In other words, if the cards

  1. have the same name
  2. have identical text or have been errata’d (ie, rare candy, potion)
  3. Have one version of them in a tournament legal set

Then the cards are legal.

It’s worth noting that some cards require reference. For example, if in Expanded, you were using Super Rod Neo Genesis, you would need a Super Rod from NVI/DRV to show the new text. If you’re only playing one Super Rod, it’s within the judge’s discretion to make you use the NVI/DRV one instead of the reference-requiring copy.

Cards that have been errated (Potion, Rare Candy, Pluspower, etc., full list here do not require reference, regardless of which copy is being played.

That’s valid, and I know it, but it seemed better to me to explain the way I did because simpler explanations are easier to comprehend than the more complex ones.

And that’s why my post was not “in response” to yours, but simply elaborating. Not having a reference card can be a big deal, so it’s important to know the details.

Wow that is an extremely useful list, thanks for sharing it!

I’m pretty certain that mewtwos greatest enemy is himself, not the miss adventures of flippy mc fish and his glare of doom that puts you to sleep (I’m fighting I can shut that down, switch to Lando, flippy mc fish destroyed).

I love the build but I think 4 lucario EX is a little much, mabye you could add in a toxicroakLTR or beartcFFI line

Didn’t we already discuss this, or did I mess up the link chain and this is an older comment? >.> checks thread Yes, we did. I’ll save you the trouble of hunting for it. If someone is trying to use Hawlucha-EX, I didn’t notice it and yes, that card really is bad.

Consider watching Pooka’s videos over on Youtube (the channel is The Top Cut). He was won over by the card from actual play. The short version is that while the HP is bad, the attack is good (…unless you have an abnormal metagame and Pokémon-EX are rarely played), the free Retreat Cost is very good (and useful on an easily searched out Basic Pokémon), the Resistance trips up careless players, and even the Weakness is oddly useful because its not what most other Fighting-Types have.

Also, how does one copy of one Basic Pokémon bump two copies of another? From what I have seen, most people are running two of each; Landorus is handy, but only to a degree. Mostly you want two of each because you’ll just use one in most matches, but it is a pain when that one is Prized or an early game KO.

Pokemon 17
2 Seismitoad EX
3 Mewtwo EX
3 Lucario EX
2 Landorus EX
2-2 Garbodor
2 Landorus FUF
1 Hawlucha FUF

Energy 12
4 Fighting
4 Strong Energy

Trainers 31
4 Juniper
4 N
3 Korrina
3 Colress
2 Lysandre
1 Skyla
3 Ultra Ball
3 Float Stone
3 Muscle Band
1 Professor’s Letter
1 Pal Pad
3 Fighting Stadium

My list. No testing yet but it seems consistent. Tell me what you guys think. I may play this for Regionals.

Playing a deck without testing it, it’s a great idea!

By that I mean I will test it. I’ve got a while. Regionals for may may not even start until December, we are still awaiting and announcement.

Oh ok, I thought Regionals starts next week for you as well.

Ours are later but our Spring Regionals come earlier.

Has anyone tried a deck with the following pokemon line?

4 Landorus EX
2 Seismitoad EX
2 Mewtwo EX
2 Trubbish LTR
2 Garbodor