Landorus-EX Variants // BCR-on

Pyroar. It really isn’t good versus Pyroar.

Which is why I say to beef up the search cards, and use life dew.

You could run Garbodor like everything else, if you’re looking for that solution.

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but startling megaphone really hurts garbodor what about hariyama?

Megaphone isn’t really a problem in that situation. If you play your Tools sensibly, you will be able to attach another to Garbodor on your turn and attack into Pyroar. Decks run 1-2 Megaphone at most, while Garbodor decks typically have 6-8 Tools.

Hariyama is much too slow.

true. although i would run some fighting stadium landorus ex+muscle band+fighting stadium+strong energy=90+30 to bench. one shot thundurus ex and darkrai ex first turn.

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I’m interested to hear the logic behind this statement.

Six to eight tools just for Garbodor, six to eight that work well for Garbodor other stuff in the deck, or six to eight total where most you really don’t want on Garbodor?

I find the latter most common; I can burn a Muscle Band, Silver Bangle, etc. on Garbodor if I must, but I usually only want a Float Stone on it. I also wonder if the reason Pyroar decks are in decline is they just don’t want to (or legitimately can’t) knuckle down and make room for 2-3 Startling Megaphone (or other discard option) being standard. I am noticing a lot of Pokémon Tools seeing play again because we’ve become complacent and so many decks are thinking that they can get by with just one or one and Dowsing Machine

There is also the fact that you don’t need to wall with Pyroar the entire game, but just long enough to win. :wink: Okay, that is horribly imprecise, so I’ll try again: if Intimidating Mane works long enough for Pyroar to cost my opponent more than it costs me to use Pyroar and doing so doesn’t put me into a bad position, its still effective.

Now even though my tone seems rather assertive, I did mean to “ask” not “tell”. Am I just missing the bigger picture here?

I do think that there has been some complacency creeping in with Megaphone. I see a lot of lists that rely heavily on Abilities only running one, and sometimes not even that.

And this is at a time when CPU Search seems to be displacing Dowsing somewhat because players are (probably correctly) prioritising fast starts. It’s possible that they are looking to Lysandre as a way of dealing with Garbodor, figuring that most decks don’t run more than a 2-2, but in a lot of situations, players are only to happy to see an opponent use their one Supporter for the turn to take out a non-EX.

Unless its Pyroar OHKOing a Garbodor guaranteeing its Ability is on for at least one more turn. :wink:

Yeah, cherry picked example, but I’ve also had it happen a few times so I felt it worth mentioning. I think Computer Search has regained some of its dominance back from Dowsing Machine only to lose some more to Scramble Switch and possibly Scoop Up Cyclone; they seem to be popping up more in what otherwise seems like a competitive build.

This is Pokemon’s off-season, and I think that makes players more willing to experiment with the luxury ACE SPEC cards that can sometimes allow for a spectacular play.

Once the serious business starts, those Life Dews and Cyclones will likely return to their binders.

I have serious doubts about Life Dew (being an Item is pretty bad, especially in light of what we were just discussing), which is why I didn’t mention it (or Master Ball or Gold Potion), but I know someone else earlier did. Scramble Switch actually does seem like a solid play, especially for decks not prone to OHKOs. Scoop Up Cyclone seems borderline; in both of the last too cases, remember that its as much to keep using/re-use Strong Energy as it is saving a Pokémon/denying a KO.

In any case, I believe Computer Search and Dowsing Machine will remain the conservative (and likely overall best) plays. :slight_smile:

Just started building my version of the deck and I’m trying to see what to put together as far as an ace spec. I’ve been thinking more and more about scramble switch. I had made it the offical ace spec in my dark deck prior to rotation and it did well. Switching out all energy onto a Yveltal Ex ect.

I’m wondering if it will post some merit given the power of strong energy. Its a viable switch with the option of moving all the strong energy over with it But in a fighting deck there may be far to situational.

I’m playing someone who’s using Donphan PLS as the main damage output with Spinning Turn then switching other Pokemon in.

-Also, Machamp just won them the game with Machamp Crush.
(Maybe because my Active was Tyrunt.)

Hi again WOW umm there’s so many responses which I’m grateful for I’ve tried many versions of this deck and I’ve tried out this version which I call

“The Ring King” (lol)

I’ve only been able to play against 3 good decks

yvetol/Mewtwo/garbodor won 2 of 3
Trevenant accelgor won both
And land-champ won both

If anyone wants to try it see below for an EX deck it’s really fun to play

X2 Landorus EX
X1 Landorus FF
X4 Lucario EX
X2 Trubbish
X2 Garbodor
X1 Jirachi EX



X3 N
X4 Korrina
X2 Lysander
X4 Professor Sycamore
X2 Shauna
X1 Colress



X4 Muscle Band
X1 Pal Pad
X3 Ultra Ball
X2 Switch
X3 Float Stone
X1 Professors Letter
X1 Surprise Megaphone
X1 Pokemon Catcher
X1 Computer Search
X1 Random Receiver
X3 Fighting Stadium



X4 Strong Energy
X7 Fighting Energy



I agree with the majority of your list but put laser/bank to 3-2, prof letter to 1 and putting in two Landorus FFI as it is a very useful starting pokemon. Whil it may appear counter productive to focus on a start using the Non EX landorus instead of the regular Landorus, in a game you will probably appreciate the diversity and freedom to choose between different attacking options.

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I know what you mean about laser/bank but I found it slightly inconsistent it would help against pyroar but I’m a bit frightened of vir/gen since ive seen it beat pyroar many times lol

He was responding to @themiraclemeat.

Ohhhhh my bad my bad

Here is the deck list:

1 Hawlucha
1 Landorus
3 Landorus EX
2 Lucario EX
3 Machamp
1 Machoke
3 Machop
1 Mewtwo EX

3 Bicycle
2 Colress
1 Dowsing Machine
1 Energy Retrieval
2 Energy Switch
4 Korrina
2 Lysandre
1 Max Potion
1 Cassius
2 Muscle Band
3 N
1 Pal Pad
3 Professor Juniper
1 Professor’s Letter
3 Rare Candy
1 Switch
2 Ultra Ball
1 Fighting Stadium

7 Fighting energy
4 Strong