Landorus-EX Variants // BCR-on

Okay so let’s try this!

3 Lucario
1 M Lucario
3 Mewtwo
2-2 Garbodor
1 Landorus FF
12 Pokemon

4 sycamore
4 N
3 Korrina
1 Skyla
2 Colress
14 Supporters

4 ultra ball
4 muscle band
2 float stone
2 virbank
4 lasers
2 Catcher
1 Prof Letter
1 ACEAPEC Dowsing
34 Trainers

4 strong Energy
10 Fighting
14 Energy

You want DCE if you’re running 3x Mewtwo EX, and you definitely don’t need 14 Fighting Energy.

Try 4 Strong, 4 DCE, 5 Fighting and add another Float Stone for Garbodor.

Here are my thoughts on fighting decks.

  1. I think the deck is far more consistent when all of the pokemon are fighting pokemon. I have tried the deck with Seismitoad EX, Mewtwo EX and other attackers, and while this approach to the deck can do great things it often misfires. There were many games where I had a strong energy and only seismitoad or mewtwo. Or I would have Double Colorless Energy and only Landorus. I have also seen this happen over and over again against people I play. My current build plays 4 Landorus EX, 3 Lucario EX, 2 FF Landorus, and 2 Mega Lucario. I know I will be attacking on turn 1.

  2. Non EX Landorus has made a huge difference. With this deck I seem to use Landorus EX’s big attack a lot. The Fighting Fist Landorus allows me to rebuild after attacking with Landorus EX. It is also very good in the mid to late game. Non Ex landorus also helps a lot with all of the safeguard pokemon I have seen recently.

  3. Most people have taken out the Mega Lucario and I admit that many games I do not use it. It has proven to be very valuable however. It obviously gives you a fighting chance vs. pyroars. Yes their mewtwos can be a problem, but it is a problem you can overcome. I also find it helpful in other random situations. Unlike many of my other decks, I feel this deck has room for techs and personal preferences.

  4. I have seen a lot of people debate laserbank vs. fighting stadium. I decided to play both. I now play 2 Virbank, 4 laser, and 1 fighting stadium. A well timed fighting stadium can really help against virizion/genesect and some virizion decks no longer run stadiums.

  5. I think energy swapping is extremely valuable. I currently have 3 energy switch and use scramble switch as my ace spec. With these 4 cards I can use max potion to great effect.

I think a lot of people under-rate M Lucario, including me at first. 140 for 3 is brutal on a Pokemon that can be played with Strong Energy/Muscle Band/Fighting Stadium/Laserbank. Against anything not called Mewtwo-EX, an M Lucario can take 4 Prizes before it goes down.


Here’s my list:

Pokemon: 14
2-1 Lucario/M Lucario
2 Landorus EX
2 Landorus FF
1 Mewtwo EX
2-2 Garbodor
1 Mr. Mime
1 Terrakion LTR

T/S/S: 34
4 Sycarmore
4 N
4 Korrina
1 Shauna

2 Ultra Ball
2 Switch
1 Pal Pad
2 Hypnotoxic Laser
4 Muscle Band
2 Pokemon Catcher
1 Professor’s Letter
1 Startling Megaphone
1 Energy Switch
1 Focus Sash
1 Scramble Switch ACE-SPEC
1 Mystery Item that I’m not going to reveal since it’s my idea >:) (It isn’t that great, I just like it as a tech)

2 Fighting Stadium

8 Fighting
4 Strong

Totally Maintenance to help think your hand down for Professor Sycamore and Bicycle (you know, the copies of Bicycle you are not running ;)).

So is the Mr. Mime really worth it? Honest question; I don’t have a worthwhile Fighting deck yet, but I’ve been considering Mr. Mime (PLF) more in general due to all the sniping going around.

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I’d say no. M Lucario is a huge threat to Landorus as most time Landorus has a strong energy on it and M Lucario taking 1 away is huge since there is a max of 4. Plus, M Lucario can get 1HKO on Landorus if set up right.

Would it be worth it to use machamp-miltank in this deck?

It seems on paper that 2 Ultra Ball aren’t going to be sufficient to set up Garbodor consistently. They’re also your only outs to Mewtwo and Mime.

@Otaku It might just be in my area, but Mr. Mime really helps in the mirror match for me. Thanks for the concern, though! (P.S. it isn’t matienence :P)

@hypnotoxic Thanks for the suggestion. I hadn’t actually tested with the Garbodor yet (it isn’t really needed where I live, but I’m predicting that I will when I go to regionals). What should I remove? (P.S., you’re saying that I’m fine beyond that, right?)

If your mystery item is Maintenance remove that for sure. I’m not really sold on Focus Sash either. Also you might want a couple DCE for Mewtwo as well. I’d also consider Computer Search over Scramble Switch because it will help you get turn 1 Strong Energy, and you can search it out with Korrina.

Edit: I just realized you said the mystery item isn’t Maintenance. If I knew what it was it would help me determine what to cut.

Starting off, here’s the list:

Pokemon: 16
Landorus EX x3
Mewtwo EX x3
Lucario EX x2
Pikachu FLF x2
Raichu FLF x2
Trubbish LTR (67/113) x2
Garbodor (Garbotoxin) x2

Energy: 11
Double Colorless Energy x4
Strong Energy x4
Fighting Energy x3

Trainers: 33
Computer Search x1
Muscle Band x4
Hypnotoxic Laser x4
Float Stone x3
Switch x2
Ultra Ball x2
Professors Letter x1
Startling Megaphone x1
Professor Juniper x4
N x3
Shauna x2
Korrina x2
Skyla x1
Lysandre x1
Virbank City Gym x2

It seems like every time I play with this deck, it makes me want to play it more. It covers almost everything in the meta. This list focuses on it’s worst matchup, Genesect/Virizion.

The only difference is that there is one less Ultra Ball, one less Fighting Energy, one extra Float Stone, and one extra startling megaphone added to this list. The startling megaphone was added for G-Booster because I always found my opponent having 2 prizes left with a powered up Genesect with G-Booster on the bench, and I couldn’t do anything about it. That instance happened to about 30% of all my games against Genesect/Virizion. Also, the extra float stone was added just because most decks run 2 startling megaphones nowadays.

The only thing that this list needs is a couple more fighting energy (1 or 2 at most), but taking anything out from this list will be detrimental.

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!

This deck consists of Landorus EX, Landorus FFI and (M) Lucario EX. The strategy of this deck is to go off as fast as possible and rush though your opponent. M Lucario EX is in for Pyroar and as a solid late game attacker.

Drop all Korrina for 2 Skyla and a Catcher or another supporter.

I disagree. Korrina is much better than skyla in this deck as you can fish out any Pokemon and a Band. Also - 3 Roller Skates + 2 Switch +1 Escape Rope.

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I would trade a bike for another prof. Letter. Also, I don’t know how good RR will be if you are running bikes and stuff that can give you cards without the supporter aspect. The chance of you biking or scating for a supporter is really high. I would swap the RR’s out with bikes. (So in a contradiction to my first comment, run 4 bikes) I think this is a great deck!

I am also thinking about the uses of Life Dew in this deck. I don’t know if computer search is needed with all the bikes and Scates. Life dew would be good to attach to an ex or even mega lucario, to protect the prizes late game (or right off the bat… Or really at any time :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

Have fun with it!

I just realized your post with the switches and escape ropes and no Scates. Oops :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yeah I’ll do the Bike and RR thing.

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I think that dowsing machine is the better ace spec because there’s already so much search cards in the deck already. So I don’t see a need for computer search.

Computer Search is for more consistent Strong Energy starts.
I personally hate Megas unless you want to heal them repeatedly, they just get 2HKO’d like a normal EX otherwise.