Klinklang PLS Variants // BCR-on

Pokémon: 15
4 Skarmory EX
2 Klink PLF
1 Klang PLF
2 Klingklang PLF
2 Pineco XY
2 Forrestress XY
1 Cubchoo
1 Beartic

TSS: 35
4 N
4 Professor Juniper
4 Ultra Ball
3 Evosoda
3 Lysandre
3 Max Revive
3 Rare Candy
2 Pokémon Fan Club
2 Startling Megaphone
2 Professor’s Letter
2 Plasma Ball
2 Muscle Band
1 Scramble Switch

Energy: 10
10 Steel Energy

Get out Skarmory EX, and start dealing 140 damage (w/ Muscle Band) each turn. Forrestress is to start dealing damage, and Klingklang is there to make sure I won’t be touched by other EXes.

(I realised that I had four cards too many in my deck, but I have fixed that.)

If you are using Fortress, I would recommend a Dusknoir BDC. GOod for moving around the counter. Also, I would run 3-1-3 of Klinklang.

Wouldn’t the deck be fairly slow if I added another Stage 2 line? Is it better with a 1-1-1 line, or a 2-0-2 line?

It would be a lot slower. I wouldn’t reccomend it to begin with. If you HAD to play it, go 1-0-1.

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I can test-play it, and see if I really need a Dusknoir. Forrestress is just so that Skarmory’s attack does 120 everytime, as he spreads damage all over the opponents Pokémon.

Oh no thought it was there just to have to do damage. Then you don’t really need Dusknoir.

Edit: also, I would -1 lysandre -2 max revive -1 Klang / + 2 prof. Letter +1 Rare Candy. You could also take out some energy for supporters like Colress, N (or Shaunna)

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I really like this deck idea it looks great!

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I used to run PlasmaKlang, so I will build this deck (with a slightly modified list cause I don’t have all those cards and the amounts written). Looks cool, and I am excited to see how testing will turn out

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I have none of the cards, I just use proxies. cx

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You could try Landorus FRF if you’re comfortable breaking the lock for set up. It would allow you to run Cobalion-EX or whatever other high-energy steel cards you want.

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Baby Cobalion is good for ex’s

Okay, we have a format really dependent on EX’s and no back up baby pokemon.

Safeguard is giving decks lots of trouble nowadays without garbodor.

Does anyone have an updated list to play this troublemaker? I’m not very good with making steel lists

Do you want with or without Bronzong?
Benefits of using Bronzong:
Faster charging of Pokemon
Another set of Pokemon (6 minimum) to use in the deck.

Benefits of not using Bronzong:
Less clogged Bench space
More difficulty attaching energy

I wonder why he ran 3 silent lab without any other stadium with 2 aegislash + Jirachi

Just to give everyone an idea of the meta, these where the top 8 decks at Mexico Nationals:

Night march
Rayquaza EX /Metal
Donphan Wall


I’d guess it’s for other Aegislash.

Well, I guess I’ll be covering this deck now.

Will update this post with the video link once it’s done.

Jax gives a big fat ‘in your face’ to everyone that said Ancient Excadrill had no use in competitive play.


Short, but the best one I could get. :confused:

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