Kingdra PRC Variants // BCR-on

So I really like the new Kingdra. Decent art, promising attack. Here is a list:
15 Pokemon
4-2-4 Kingdra( 3 primal clash, 1 with dragon vortex)
2-1-2 Dusknoir (sinister hand)
3 muscle band
4 Rare candy
3 Ultra ball
1 Float stone
2 Switch
2 Professor’s letter
3 Vs seeker
4 N
4 Juniper
2 Lysandre
2 Training center
1 Computer search
14 Energy
6 Lightning
8 Water

A fully devoted Kingdra list. Kingdra does 150 (170 with muscle band). Damage is kinda low (megas,180 hp ex’s), when a 2HKO is overkill. That’s why there is dusknoir. I included another kingdra as well, since you are discarding energies( late game attacker). With a heavy line of kigdra/rare candy, you can start attacking t2. Training center for counter stadium, also makes kingdra a 180 non ex beast.
Any thoughts?

Why not Silver Bangle instead of Muscle Band? 150 is enough to OHKO non-EXs.

I feel like you are going to need some kind of shield (Safeguard Pokemon? Wailord EX? I dunno) to set up behind, because Kingdra isn’t quick with that Energy cost (and discard).

Toad is the elephant in the room.

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You are probably right about the silver bangle.I considered adding toads, but without DCE I can only attack by t2 ( which kingdra can do if not facing if not facing item lock) Wailord sounds good as a tank. My main problem is streaming kingdra’s Because I need to attach to the active every time. Don’t know if exp.share will be any good

Just realized you meant facing toad :stuck_out_tongue:

To be honest, that’s a large part of the reason why Stage 2 main attackers just aren’t competitive these days. The only ones that made it in recent memory were Empoleon and Dragonite, and they worked with a single Energy attachment.

Of course, that was when we had Tropical Beach and Level Ball, and before Toad existed. Things are just so much worse now: even if you have a Prize trade advantage vs EX Pokemon, you can’t pull it off when they are just KOing you turn after turn while you wait to get enough Energy.

Without some drastic (and right now unforeseeable) shift in the format, cards like Kingdra are going to be for fun only, I’m afraid.

Alright, first post here.

I’m really hopeful for the new ancient trait Kingdra. I’m feeling like it’s good, but not good enough, but with support from what I think is pretty much the perfect support Pokemon, M Manectric (especially for Kingdra) I’m thinking that I could make this deck tier 2 at least.

Just sort of threw a decklist together and here it is:


Kingdra x3
Seadra x1
Horsea x4
Manectic EX x2
M Manectric EX x2
Mewtwo x1?


VS Seeker x2
Switch x1
Startling Megaphone x1
Ultra Ball x2
Repeat Ball x2
Dive Ball x1
Rare Candy x3
Muscle Band x2
Manectric Spirit Link x2
Professor’s Letter x2
Energy Retrieval x2

Rough Seas? x2

N x4
Prof Juniper x3
Skyla x2
Lysandre x2
Colress x2

Energy- 12

Lightning x5
Water x7

This decklist is hugely susceptible to change.
Feel free to share your ideas and opinions (unless if they’re negative, then nobody cares)!

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I tested the guy online with just average success, it’s indeed kind of slow for these days.
However, I have hopes in that “Double dragon energy” that is coming soon…

Since the release of Primal Clash, I have been play testing a Kingdra deck with the ancient trait Alpha Growth. Since it’s second attack, Dragon Blast for 2 water and 1 lightning does 150 damage plus discards a water and a lightning energy, I thought adding Mega Manectric would be a great idea. When you add a muscle band or silver bangle to Kingdra, you will be knocking out most EX pokemon in 1 hit, since that is the main theme in the current metagame. Unfortunately, it is a stage 2 deck, so it is a little difficult to get out. But, when everything is set up, it is a powerful force to be reckoned with. I will make a deck list for those of you who might want to make this new deck idea. Also, please give me some ideas as I know I would try them out!

instead of the dragon vortex Kingdra, add Mega Manectric so you can attach the 2 energy you previously discarded back on to Kingdra while doing damage as well?

so… kinda like a souped up eelektrik that is worth two prizes, kinda hard to set up, has a nice attack, softens up megas, and can free retreat back into kingdra? i like it.

Nevermind, I found it on Google while searching: Kingdra news.

How about Kingdra with Mega Manectric!

It’s been discussed many times on SixPrizes. Go to the search in the top right of the page and search ‘Kingdra Manectric.’

Did you read the article? Clearly Wailord EX is the best Kingdra partner, oh and Pokemon EX are all the rage.

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