Kingdra PLF, Greninja XY // NXD-on


This is a discussion thread for the Kingdra/Greninja deck in the NXD-on format. The aim of this deck is to discard Water energies with Greninja’s Water Shruiken ability to place 3 damage counters on one of your opponent’s Pokemon. This ability can soften Pokemon up to be knocked out by Kingdra, your main attacker. For one colorless energy, Kingdra has an attack Dragon Vortex that does 20 damage times the number of water energy in your discard, and then shuffles them back into the deck. This pretty clearly combos with Greninja’s Water Shruiken, and the fact that it shuffles the energy back into the deck allows you to stream Water Shruikens throughout the game to gradually build up damage. Anyways, here’s the list I’ve been using as of late:

Pokemon: 23
4 Froakie KSS
2 Frogadier XY
4 Greninja XY
3 Horsea PLF
1 Seadra PLF
3 Kingdra PLF
2 Voltorb XY
2 Electrode PLF
2 Sigilyph LTR

Trainers: 27
3 Professor Juniper
4 N
4 Skyla
1 Colress

3 Level Ball
3 Ultra Ball
4 Rare Candy
2 Professor’s Letter
1 Startling Megaphone
1 Super Rod
1 Dowsing Machine

Energy: 10
10 Water


I think this is a really cool, unique deck. My main concern is that you will need all 4 greninjas out to do significant damage. So you really need lots and lots of discard cards to keep adding things to your discard. I suggest adding empoleon. He has an ability to discard 1 card and draw 2 each turn. This way you could get more waters into your discard for more damage from kingdra as well as some extra draw power.


I’ve actually thought about that, but running three stage two lines in one deck shoots your consistency out the window. Usually you can discard some energies early with ultra ball searches as well.


True. But there is some pokemon you could get rid of. you don’t really need seadra because you’re running 4 rare candy as it is. And I don’t really see why you’re using frogradier? Surely empoleon would be a better attacker?


If you’re running two stage twos, it’s generally better to include some of the stage 1 parts of the line so you’re not completely reliant on rare candy. Empoleon is a good attacker, but Kingdra is better because it recycles the discarded water energies so you can continue to use them as fuel for Water Shruiken from Greninja.


If you did want to use Empoleon, energy retrieval could be used to pull a water out of the discard to immediately re-discard for Shruiken. I agree that it is one or the other though.
I want Greninja to work so bad.