Kiernan's 2015-2016 Season (670/750)

Worlds 2015: 0
League Challenges: 15|15|15|15|15|10
Cities: 50|50|50|50
Regionals/States: 45|105|100|75
Nationals: 60

Not gonna do full reports for these. If I do, it’s going to be on a different thread.

Worlds 2015:
Not much about this. I made a poor deck choice and ended up dropping.
Playing Flareon:
R1-Primal Groudon: LWT (0-0-1)
R2-Hippowdon: WLT (0-0-2)
R3-Hippowdon: LT (0-1-2)

Boston Open: 10th
I played Night March with 1 Empoleon.
R1-Metal Ray: WW (1-0-0)
R2-Metal Ray: WW (2-0-0)
R3-Night March: WLL (2-1-0)
R4-Metal: WW (3-1-0)
R5-Landobats: WLW (4-1-0)
R6-Dragon Ray: WLW (5-1-0)
R7-Night March: T-ID (5-1-1)
There were two pods, so they had a top 16.
I was 4th seed in my pod and 6th seed overall.
Top 16-M Manectric/Articuno: LWL
I had game in hand, but my opponent top decked a Shaymin-EX, which he played for four, netting himself the manectric spirit link, M Manectric, Mega Turbo, and Lysandre that he needed to win. Oh well, can’t win em all.


The Landybats you played against I played against round four and lost. I was playing Primal Kyogre. Don’t ask. What was you’re round three worlds opponent playing?

Edited to show my round 3 opponent.

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Updated with Ft. Wayne Regionals! Here’s my report!

Ft. Wayne Regionals: 3rd
I played Sablelock, the same card-for-card list that Nick Robinson used to get top 4 in masters. We will also be doing an interview with Team Fish Knuckles, so you guys should check it out :slight_smile:
R1-Yveltal: WT (1-0-0)
R2-Toad/Giratina: WW (2-0-0)
R3-Hex Ray: WT (3-0-0)
R4-Toad/Giratina: LL (3-1-0)
R5-ArchieStoise: WT (4-1-0)
R6-M Manectric/Keldeo/Garbodor: WW (5-1-0)
R7-Toad/Bats (David M, the eventual winner): T-ID (5-1-1)
T8-Toad/Giratina: WW (6/1/1)
T4- Sablelock: LL (6/2/1)
My Top 4 Opponent, Alex K played a deck fairly similar to mine, except he played lasers, while I took a denial/mill focus. He got the T1 laser both games and I wasn’t able to outpace him.

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Won a league challenge today with Raichu/Bats.

Ames, IA League Challenge: 1st
Played Raichu/Bats. Nick and I kept up the ongoing trend of us playing the same card-for-card list. There were only 2 seniors there, so it was an easy win.
R1-??? (Senior) with Machamp/Ariados: W
R2-??? (Junior) with Fairy Deck: W
R3-Royce ? (Master) with Colorless Deck: W
R4- Nick R (Master) with Raichu/Bats: L
I was guaranteed to win seniors, so I scooped to help him out. I won when we played for fun though :stuck_out_tongue:

Just found out that the LC didn’t get sanctioned:(( updating it

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Finally got my first two cities this weekend! They’re in a super easy area so I’ll be pretty disappointed in myself if I clear anything less than 90 points, although, knowing the area, I’m expecting a fairly easy 100 :wink:

Dude you are the best that ever was.

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I don’t know if I am yet but i waNNA BE

Sedalia Cities Report: Getting lucksacked is not fun at all :frowning:

Playing Lucario/Bats. Only 7 seniors with 3 rounds and no top cut.

Already a good matchup, but I go first and end my turn by hexing. He forgets this and plays his hand down to only a Shaymin then benches it, only to realize he can’t draw cards. It ends just a few turns later.

This deck was extremely clunky and he didn’t know how to play the matchup at all, even fairly obvious things like utilizing Ariados to break focus sash, so I won easily.

R3-M Manectric/Regice
Boy oh boy, one of my best matchups, right? Not when I dead draw for the first 10 turns of the game (which ended up being the entire game). He took prizes with Regice one by one, and there was nothing I could do. Plus, his friend beat my round 2 opponent, and since he lost to this kid, he had better resistance than me and took 2nd, so I got 0 points.

Tomorrow is Cole Camp, and the current gameplan is to win.

Won Cole Camp today. Still could’ve done better this weekend though.

Played Vespiquen/Zoroark/Yveltal/Gallade

R1: Toad/Regice (Jr)
I have weakness on her and Regice isn’t good against me.
R2: Scrub with trash
She was 0-1 but there was an odd number of seniors and the only other 0-1 played her last round and was playing a junior.
R3: Toad/Bats/Aqua Base
I have type advantage and I just played really aggressively and won.


Huge thanks to @CeladonBrit for giving me the starting list, which I only changed a few cards on. Let’s hope for just as much success in the next three weekends!

Started off this weekend with a win. Played Entei at Omaha Cities.

Round One: Scrub deck-W
Round Two: Night March (iirc)-W
Round Three: Night March-W
Round Four: Night March-ID. I usually don’t ID at cities due to how easy they are but this was against my close friend Isaiah Cheville.
Top 4: Metal Ray-WW
Top 2: Night March (Isaiah)-WW

Played Vespiquen/Yveltal/Zoroark/Mismagius today and won Lincoln, NE

Round 1: Scrub deck-L (dead draw with Combee active)
Round 2: Scrub deck-W (losers bracket ez)
Round 3: Gyarados/Eevees-W (he started lone magikarp and I sky returned.)
Round 4: Swampert-W
Top 4: Speed Giratina-WW
Top 2: (Isaiah again) w/ Vespiquen/Yveltal/Bats-LW~W (sudden death. I got it T2.)

Won another cities, that’s my 4th!

Played Toad/Bats/Red Card

Round 1: Fairies-W
Round 2: Night March-W
Round 3: Vespiquen-W
Round 4: Raichu/Toad/Ninetales-W
Top 4: M Houndoom-WW
Top 2: Raichu/Toad/Ninetales-LWW


Won my first LC last weekend, forgot to update lol.

Played Landorus/Toad/Rock Guard.

R1: Toad Giratina-W
R2: Machamp-EX/Bronzong/Smeargle/Ariados-W
R3: Night March-W
R4: Landorus-EX/Machamp FFI-W

Landorus/machamp? I get that some people aren’t extremely competitive, but last round when you’re 3-0?

Have you seen his cities run? He obviously lives in a non-competitive area.

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No wonder he has 365 CP lol

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I was downpaired fam. And @jirachi123 calm down, Fort Wayne was arguably the hardest regs. My ciities were super easy, but cities shouldn’t give anyone trouble.

Topping 2 of the hardest senior regionals was a good amount of those points