Just Looking for People to practice with

I’ll put it simply most of the people at my league aren’t very good, there’s a couple decent players, the rest are just, well, really bad. I’m not saying I’m great, but I want to get better, which is why I want to play people at my skill level and above. Anyhow, if you would like to practice with me, just drop me a message in my inbox. I’m in Central time I’m generally on in the evening around 7-10 PM. thanks.

do you know what playtcg is .
Where i live i cant make it to league and I would not mind testing with you

I’m familiar with it, I’ve used it a few times, that’s fine with me, just drop me your PlayTCG UserID in my Inbox

You open for a match right now?

Yea I have an open match.

I dont see it at all

When you guys are finished, I could have a go :smiley:

that’s fine I’m interested, not sure what happened he disconnected. I’ll be back in about 15 minutes.

I though he siad gg then left

No i’m still in the room, we can just re-shuffle and rematch if you want. I get the controls now.

ok they works 2020202020202020
you were using a yveltal deck right?

hey, my laptop died out on me, so just add me on google hangouts or private message me. I don’t want to clog up the board.

ok what is your name on google hangout


I added you 2020202020

I think the best strategy is get together a small, core group from your league and practice together. over time you’ll all become better and help each other.

that would be feasible, but I live a distance a way from my league, its a good 35 minute driver. And I have no problem helping them, but its not really plausible due to the distance. What I need is variety, which unfortunately doesn’t come often, the two players who are on-par with me usually run the same deck.

You’re lucky. My nearest league is around a 45 minute drive :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, when somebody else wants to play, here’s a link to the game:

----Not on the computer right now-----

just add me on google hangouts, I sent you a private message. I’ll be able to play a match in about an hour.