"Just Another Game" – 2014 Brazilian Nationals 1st Place Masters Report

Introduction Flag of Brazil Hello guys! For those who do not know me, my name is Marcelo Magalhães. I am 28 years old and from Brasília, capital of Brazil. I’ve liked Pokémon since I was 14 years old when the anime first appeared here. I then fell for the video game franchise, although I always played it only for fun. It was long ago when I first played the Pokémon TCG for Game Boy, which is where I learned the basics of the game. At that time it was really difficult and expensive to have access to the real cards. I’ve only had the opportunity to play the actual TCG over…

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I love this line:

I hope this report becomes not just a description of what happened, but an incentive to continue fighting because my brief history in Pokémon TCG is a story of overcoming.

Well done Marcelo! See you in DC.

Congratulations, Marcelo. You deserved the victory. The best thing on you is that you are more than a great player, you’re a great person too. I wish you good luck on world’s and I hope to have the honor of playing with you in the nationals or regionals in the next season.