Junk Arm in this format

What implications will junk arm bring if it was still in the format?

Which is better - junk arm or vs seeker?

And Junk Arm in the previous format only could retrieve “item cards” as supporters were not classified as a subset of trainers. Therefore Junk Arm will probably be broken in this format!

Moreover, let me rephrase my question - is item retrieval or supporter retrieval more important?

Supporter retrieval to get the items you need. :wink:

Watch DGIce’s Archie video on youtube. That video displayed immensely the power of Junk Arm. The only card Junk Arm does not recycle are Stadium cards, because you can grab supporters by grabbing VS Seeker. It can provide additional draw by grabbing Bicycle, fetch energies through Letter, Pokemon with Balls or just about anything with Computer Search (yes, Junk Arm recycles ACE SPECs).

In some decks, it will become a 4 off, and the majority of decks will have 1-2.

To get around playing the rules that many cards are now Ace Specs, i.e. Computer Search, I use Item Finder in my Unlimited Format decks because it’s Dowsing Machine but I’m not limited to one in the deck.