June 2019 6P Schedule

Tue 5/28: @Tablemon
Wed 5/29: @Alex_Schemanske
Thu 5/30: @PeterKica

5/31–6/2: Madison Regionals … Standard … SUM–UNB

Wed 6/5: @Conndor
Thu 6/6: @Alex_Schemanske

Tue 6/11: @Tablemon
Wed 6/12: @Sem_Medo
Thu 6/13: @Jonner

6/14–6/15: Origins Special Event … Standard … SUM–UNB
6/15: Sweden Regionals … Standard … SUM–UNB
6/15: South Africa Special Event … Standard … SUM–UNB
6/15: Brazil Special Event … Standard … SUM–UNB

Sun 6/16: @Ruiner
Mon 6/17: @Alex_Schemanske
Tue 6/18: @xpero
Wed 6/19: @PeterKica

6/21–6/23: North America Internationals … Standard … SUM–UNB

Tue 6/25: @thefleeee
Wed 6/26: @Tablemon
Thu 6/27: @Alex_Schemanske

8/16–8/18: Worlds … Standard … SUM–Unified Minds

Note: We’re shifting from the typical schedule to load up on coverage prior to the NAIC. There’s sure to be a lot to discuss in the week leading up to the event with a glut of Special Events right beforehand to influence the meta.

Thanks for your support this past month and warm welcoming of @thefleeee, @PeterKica, @Conndor, @Jonner, and @Sem_Medo to the writing staff. We’re looking forward to providing thorough coverage for you through the NAIC, Worlds, and into next season!

Hey all—

I have not heard yet from Connor Finton today, so I’m not sure when his article will be published. It’s not looking like it will be out today. I’m currently on the road and have some other obligations later this evening, so if his article is not submitted within the hour, I won’t be able to get to it until tomorrow or possibly even Friday. I’ve sent him an email to see what his status is, and I’ll update here once I hear back from him.

Alex Schemanske, who is scheduled for tomorrow, is in the process of writing his article. I’m reasonably sure he’ll have it submitted sometime this evening, and I’ll get to in early the morning.

Connor has submitted his article as of this evening, so I will edit it first thing tomorrow morning. Alex’s article is mostly written, and I’ll be working on it after Connor’s. Thanks for your patience!

Connor’s article is now live:

And I’ll try to get to Alex’s article published by the evening. (It has been submitted and is awaiting editing.) (I’m traveling and my schedule is more cramped than usual.) Thanks everyone!

Hey all— I’m running late today. Will try to get @Sem_Medo’s article published within the next hour. Thanks for your patience!

Hey everyone— I’m still waiting on Chris’s article for today. I’m going to be available this evening to edit and get it published ASAP, but I don’t have an ETA at this point. (I sent Chris an email this afternoon and haven’t heard back yet.)

Still no word from Chris. I will keep everyone updated here every couple of hours.

No word from Chris still, but Alex Schemanske has his article ready, so I am going to edit and publish it tonight, before I go to bed. I’ll be publishing everything pretty much ASAP this week—I know we’re in crunch time!

Alex’s article is now live:

Chris is waiting on Limitless to post deck lists from this past weekend before he finishes his article. I don’t know when to expect it at this point. I will post if I have more updates.

Chris is working on his article, and he’ll have it submitted sometime this evening. I’ll again try to publish late tonight before I fall asleep.

I’ve just begun editing Chris’s article—it will be out late tonight.

Peter’s article is in editing. I’m taking a lunch/coffee break now and will be back on it shortly. We’re looking at an early evening publishing time for that one, then I’ll begin on Xander’s article, which will be available late tonight.

Hey everyone. I’m majorly under the weather today. Alex submitted his article yesterday and I got a start on it, but I may not have it ready for publishing until late today. I’ll see how I’m feeling in a few hours. I do not feel well enough to edit right now.

To update, I’m still feeling poorly. I caught a stomach bug and am running a fever. I’m trying to sleep it off. Alex’s article may not be out until tomorrow at this rate. Thanks for your patience.

We’re live with Alex’s article now:

Thanks again for your patience.