June 2017 Article Schedule

June 2017

5/27-5/28: Seattle Regional Championships (Standard, PRC-GUR)

Thursday: 6/1: @xpero (Madison)

6/3-6/4: Madison Regional Championships (Standard, PRC-GUR)

Monday 6/5: @KPiplup (Madison)
Tuesday 6/6: @tnunski
Wednesday 6/7: @MichaelSlutsky (Review of Madison/Seattle)
Thursday 6/8: @Tablemon (Mexico City Preview)

6/10-6/11: Mexico City Regional Championships (Standard, PRC-GUR)

Tuesday 6/13: @CeladonBrit (Review of Mexico/Picks for Origins)
Thursday 6/15: @kazambolt
Friday 6/16: @xpero

6/17 (MAs)-6/18 (JR/SRs) Origins Special Event (Standard, PRC-GUR)

Monday 6/19: @KPiplup (Kick-off of Pre-NAIC Marathon/Metagross)
Tuesday 6/20: @Magnechu (Gyarados)
Wednesday 6/21: @kazambolt (Decidueye)
Thursday 6/22: @tnunski (Volcanion)
Friday 6/23: @Tablemon (Espeon/Garbodor)
Saturday 6/24: @CeladonBrit (Lurantis)
Sunday 6/25: @kazambolt (Jr/Sr NAIC Preview)
Monday 6/26: @xpero (Zoroark/Drampa)
Tuesday 6/27: @Magnechu (Drampa/Garb, Vespiquen, Darkrai)
Wednesday 6/28: @MichaelSlutsky (Greninja)

6/29-7/2: North American International Championships (Standard, PRC-GUR)

We’re trying something new this month with a “marathon” of articles leading up to the inaugural NA International event. We’ll be covering most of the top decks in detail, back to back (to back to… you get it).

We’ll be filling this schedule in as topics are fleshed out and decks are chosen for the final stretch. Look forward to a great month to end the 2016-2017 season!