June 2016 Article Schedule

Thursday 6/2: @eriknance

Wednesday 6/8: @sorina
Thursday 6/9: @rlaparre

Tuesday 6/14: @kazambolt
Thursday 6/16: @KPiplup

[6/15-19: Origins Game Fair]

Tuesday 6/21: @henryrossc
Thursday 6/23: @CeladonBrit

[6/25-6/26: Canadian Nationals (XY-FCO)]

Monday 6/27: @Rsabelhaus
Wednesday 6/29: @thevilegarkid

[7/1-7/3: US Nationals (XY-FCO)]

[8/19-8/21: Worlds (XY-Steam Siege)]

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Where’s the Canadian nats date in all this? Or is it after US nationals?

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Good question! Looks like it’s June 25th:


I’ll add it to the dates.

Erik’s article for today is coming along. I’m going to estimate we’ve got another 2-3 hours before publishing.

Sorina’s article is being delayed until tomorrow (Wednesday). I’m really sorry about this everyone! I much prefer to publish as scheduled and planned.

@adam can you give us a clue as to what it might be about?

And spoil all the fun?

Quoted from email:

I want to write a in-depth look at Night March for nats, including the new set, the meta for nats, and European results.

Glad I found this page I was starting to worry about not enough new content.

Sorry about that. I don’t know if there’s a better way for me to keep everyone informed. I typically try to post in the schedules if it looks like we won’t be on time.

I still haven’t received any of Sorina’s article to start editing yet, so I unfortunately don’t have any estimate of when it’ll be ready. I’m hoping I receive it sometime this morning so I can get going on it. Not sure if that’s looking like a realistic possibility though.

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All good. I know whats going on now. Thanks.

Article has been submitted and I’m about to begin editing. ETA is sometime this evening!

@rlaparre’s article is currently being worked on, just as an FYI for everyone. It’s on the longer side so progress is a bit slow but I should have it ready this evening.


@Adam, Worlds is now confirmed to be Steam Siege legal, if I’m not mistaken.

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Technically nintendo redacted their news post, so it is best to stay on the safe side and wait a bit.

They put it back on Pokemon.com

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Any timing on tonight’s Article @Adam

It’s mostly done! I’m about to grab some coffee then finish up the captions + title and that’s pretty much it. Still might be another hour or two depending on how quickly ideas come to me.

Great. Looking forward to it. @adam

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