July 2019 6P Schedule

6/21–6/23: North America Internationals … Standard … SUM–UNB

Tue 6/25: @thefleeee
Wed 6/26: @Tablemon
Thu 6/27: @Alex_Schemanske

Wed 7/3: @Sem_Medo

Tue 7/9: @Tablemon
Thu 7/11: @Alex_Schemanske

Tue 7/16: @xpero
Wed 7/17: @thefleeee
Thu 7/18: @Conndor

7/20–7/21: Unified Minds Prerelease Weekend #1

Tue 7/23: @Alex_Schemanske
Wed 7/24: @Tablemon
Thu 7/25: @Jonner

7/27–7/28: Unified Minds Prerelease Weekend #2

Tue 7/30: @thefleeee
Wed 7/31: @Alex_Schemanske

8/2: Unified Minds Street Release

8/16–8/18: Worlds … Standard … UPR–Unified Minds

Note: Early July is going to be lighter on content than usual, as there’s an annual competitive lull during the two weeks following NAIC, then we plan to ramp up content production in August in preparation for Worlds and the start of larger events counting toward the 2019–2020 season.

Thanks for your support this past month. It’s been a lot of fun producing articles for you, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them, too. Best of luck to all attending NAIC this weekend! Stay safe, do your best, and have a good time.

Hey all– I’m about to begin editing Rahul’s article for today. Look for it in the early evening ET.

P.S. With the light month coming up, I’ll be aiming to have a slight update to the site design deployed in July. I started updating the site’s code over weekend and I’ve been making good progress. The update won’t be dramatic, but it should help simplify the layout and make things generally more useable. So: Look forward to that!

Good morning, everyone! I’m starting on Gabriel’s article for today now. It should be ready in the early afternoon ET.

The site redesign is coming along well, by the way. Here is a screencap of how it looks currently (which is subject to change):

Hey all, I’m starting on Alex’s article for today now. It’s going to be a Unified Minds set breakdown. Look for it to be published in the early afternoon!

In other news, I’m still working on the site redesign. It’s been slow going the past week and a half because I’ve been sick, but I’m starting to feel normal again and I hope to make much more headway these next couple of weeks. I don’t have any substantial progress to share, but here’s the current home page:

Hey everyone, I’m still waiting on Connor’s article for today so I can begin editing it. I sent him a message just now to find out what the status is. I’ll post another update here once I have news.

Still no word from Connor as of 3:15pm ET. We’re probably looking at tomorrow for publishing at this point.

I’ve yet to hear from Connor as of today (Friday morning). Where art thou, @conndor?

I’ll be happy to publish Connor’s article if he sends it, but at this point, not having heard from him all week, it’s not looking promising that an article will materialize. I apologize about this everyone.

Hey all, I’m running a little late editing Pablo’s article for today. I think I’ll have it ready by 2pm EDT.

Hey everyone, I am starting on Rahul’s article for today right now. Expect it to be ready in later this afternoon!