July 2017 Article Schedule

Tuesday 7/4: @KPiplup
Wednesday 7/5(ish): NAIC Recap Podcast
Thursday 7/6: @Magnechu
Friday 7/8: @CeladonBrit

Tuesday 7/11: @KPiplup
Wednesday 7/12: @xpero
Friday 7/14: @Tablemon

Monday 7/17: @CeladonBrit
Wednesday 7/19: @tnunski
Thursday 7/20: @kazambolt

Tuesday 7/25: @MichaelSlutsky
Wednesday 7/26: @Magnechu
Thursday 7/27: @Tablemon

After 7/8, we’ll mostly be getting into Burning Shadows until we have reason to do otherwise…maybe some discussion about Expanded later in the month once we know if we’re getting bans.

Is burning shadows confirmed legal for worlds?

Yes, Burning Shadows will be Worlds-legal.

Oh boy this is gonna be disgusting.


Noivern for Days… Have fun.

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worlds this year