July 2016 Article Schedule

Monday 6/27: @Rsabelhaus
Wednesday 6/29: @thevilegarkid

[7/1-7/3: US Nationals (XY-FCO)]

Wednesday 7/6: @KPiplup
Friday 7/8: @ChaosJim

Tuesday 7/12: @thevilegarkid
Thursday 7/14: @BrandonCantu

Tuesday 7/19: @rlaparre
Thursday 7/21: @CeladonBrit

[7/23: Steam Siege Prerelease Weekend #1]

Tuesday 7/26: @kazambolt
Thursday 7/28: @henryrossc

[7/30: Steam Siege Prerelease Weekend #2]

[8/3: Steam Siege Street Release]

[8/19-8/21: Worlds (XY-Steam Siege)]

Two Grant Manley articles in 1 Month <3
I enjoy his stuff around the web.


Thanks! Yeah 6/29 is basically just my late June article.

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Hey everyone! @KPiplup submitted his article late last night and I’ve been working on it throughout the day, so it looks like we might have it ready early. I’m doing one last very close proofread right now then will finish up images.

Update: I think I may be delaying publishing until tomorrow morning. I’m still working on images … the process of finding good pics takes longer some days than others. I try not to recycle old images too much and it’s getting harder to find fresh ones.

Yo peeps. Grant’s article might be out late. He’s written most of it but I want him to revise a few sections and I’m not sure when he’s going to get to it or how long it will take. Sorry for any potential delays! Want to make sure the quality is up to snuff.

Update: We’re looking at a publishing time of tomorrow morning. Grant just submitted his revisions and I’m looking through them right now. I’ll have the article mostly ready before I go to bed, but I want to have a clear mind in the morning for any finishing touches.


I’m working on captions and the title right now. ETA is about 1 hour. Again, sorry about the delay! Revisions took some time.

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An update on Brandon Cantu’s article for today … I’ve proofread like four times so far I think? I keep catching small things to fix on every read, so I probably need to get it one more look-over then finish up the images and whatnot.

ETA is maybe 2-3 hours.

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Re: Today’s article…

Russ has been writing throughout the day but that means I have not been able to edit. His articles typically take me longer than average to edit and I doubt I’m going to get my hands on it before the evening. So more than likely, it won’t be ready until Wednesday morning.

Apologies for the wait, everyone.

EDIT: Ok yeah, we’re looking at a publishing time of either Wednesday morning or early afternoon. I am not going to be able to finish this tonight.

Proofreading is done; I am now working on images.

Update for today: @henryrossc’s article is mostly completed but he needs to make a few edits and won’t be able to do them until around 8pm ET. So my estimation is that we’ll be publishing probably around 10pm ET. Sorry about the slight delay!

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