Jirachi123's last senior season! 2015-16! 467/250

It’s my last year as a senior, so I’m going to try and make it again tho year! Wish me luck!

League challenge: 15-15-12-15-10-15
Regionals/SPT’s: 45-90-100-x
Cities: 40-30-30-50
Nationals: x
Points: 467 (so far)

Montclair LC: Playing M Manectric/Garbodor/Empoleon via Archies.
Round 1 vs. Noah S. W/MetalRay
He gets a good start drawing a lot of cards with Set Up from three Shaymin but I got the turn two Garbodor and Mega and I sweep him the whole game because he doesn’t get another mega ray after I knock out his first one.
Round 2 vs Nathan F. (my little bro!) w/VirGen
He goes first and gets the t2 Slash. I had a tough decision to get the mega and retreat my active manectric or get garbodor with my ultra ball. I chose garbodor. He surprised me by using emerald slash again. And again. This gave me time to set up two megas and I ko’ed virizion. He couldn’t ko me with g-booster. I lysandred his shaymin ex. I set up kyurem and let him ko manectric. I used blizzard burn but it wasn’t enough. He retreated and used megalo cannon. I retreated, used max potion on it, then set it up again with turbo bolt. He retreated into deoxys and attempted to stall me out with deoxys ex cause I had little cards in my deck. I retreated and used frost spear to snipe the benched damaged genesect. He had to kill the kyurem by putting up the genesect which allowed me to Ko that with mega manny
Round 3 vs Ryan P. W/Yveltal/Toad/Garb
It was a really close game, but it went down to him getting an energy off an N for one. He did.
L 2-1, 3rd due to resistance.:sob:

Westminister LC w/Toad/Giratina
R1 vs Aaron Brok w/Gengar/Trevenent
R2 vs Noa Bell w/M Manectric/Regice
R3 vs Aaron Cervantes (Jr) w/VirGen
R4 vs Josiah Smyth w/Night March
R5 vs Micah Smyth @TheDewottClan w/Rayeels
4-1 1st place :smiley:
San Jose Regionals:
R1- L
R2- W
R3- T
R4- W
R5- W
R6- W
R7- L

4-2-1 17th place. I bubbled!!!:sob:

League Challenge, 1st place:
playing Frank Diaz’s Yveltal list.
Mixed all divisions
R1 vs. ??? with lugia/dark stuff
R2 vs. Armando C (jr) with Toad TIna
R3 vs. Trevor H (sr) with metal and water stuff
R4 vs. Kenny N with Garchomp/Altaria/Hawlucha
R5 vs. Oscar M with Vespiquen/Flareon
1st out of 2.
San Gabriel Cities, expanded
Playing Yveltal /Archeops/Gallade
R1 vs Josiah S wToadTina
R2 vs ??? wVirGen
R3 vs Micah S (@TheDewottClan) wTyrantrum
R4 vs Nate F w/ArchiesStoise
R5 vs Finnian L wYveltal
T4 vs Finnian L wYveltal
T2 vs Jared K wYveltal/Regirock
2nd +40 points

League Challenge, expanded, played Yveltal/Archeops/Gallade
R1 vs Simon N wToad/Manny/Bats
Started lone Yveltal BKT, dead drew, but stalled with Parallel City vs his Toad and eventually took 4 prizes with one Pitch-Black Spear, but I couldn’t draw a basic and was K.O.ed by poison
R2 vs Armando C wToadTina
R3 vs Halle B wToadTina
2-1, 2nd place, +12 cp

Orange cities, expanded, played Yveltal/Archeops/Gallade
R1 vs John-Robert G w/Mega Mewtwo Y/Yveltal XY
R2 vs Patrick M w/ToadMannyBats
L (dead drew)
R3 vs Aristid H w/ToadTina
W (He Colressed for one turn one)
R4 vs Aaron C w/ToadTina (Jr)
R5 vs Hunter R(?) w/Ho-Oh/Huntail
T4 vs Alex G w/Yveltal/Zoroark
L (I had a Hanukkah party to go to so I couldn’t stay. But hey, I got points, so that’s good)

Ventura cities, expanded no cut
Played M Manectric/Maxies
R1 vs ?? w/Night March
R2 vs Nick C w/Vespiquen
R3 vs Finnian L w/Yveltal/Empoleon
2-1 3rd place

Westminister cities, expanded
R1 vs Jared K w/Yveltal/Archeops/Gallade
R2 vs Michael K w/M Gardevoir
R3 vs Nate F w/Archies Stoise
R4 vs Micah S @TheDewottClan w/Rayeels
R5 vs James H @oshawaterbottle w/Archies Stoise
T4 vs James H @oshawaterbottle w/Archies Stoise

Pomona cities, expanded
Played Yveltal/Archeops/Gallade
R1 vs Noa B w/Giratina ex/Fairies
R2 vs Alex J (@Darksripe2) w/Bees
R3 vs Noah S w/Archies
R4 vs John-Robert G w/M Man/Regirock
R5 vs Alex G w/ToadTina
T4 vs Alex J (@Darksripe2) w/Bees
T2 vs Noah S w/Archies
1st place!!!


Going to a league challenge tomorrow. Hoping to get some points!

Game empire? Uh-oh…

Don’t worry, I’m going to the monstore!

Oh. Like 3 Seniors are going to the one at game empire, shame that they are on the same day…

Ya. Unfortunately for me, I’m expecting Patrick to be at the Monstore…

Oh well, ill just beat him again😳!

Hahaha. Patrick, is he still short? Haven’t seen him since Jan. 2014.

Gotten taller. I think.

He’s pretty short for his age. Maybe 5’0-5’2

that happens when you spend too much time hunched over a table playtesting your newest deck. eventually your spine gets warped and compresses,


On my way to a league challenge!

Ha ha ha! :smile: I see your point.

Updated with my first LC. No good.:sob:

Well, I’m probably going to a league challenge on Sunday. Good way to get points and its expanded so I can prove Pyroar/Archeops is the best!!!

Goin to an LC this weekend!! Hypehypehype!!

Updated with a league challenge!

I also might go to a league challenge tomorrow too!

@jirachi123, where is that one located?

Culver City. There is also one in Chatsworth

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Updated with regionals. If you’ve read my report, you’ll know how I did.:cry: