Jirachi123's first season in masters. CP: 305


Internats was disappointing to say the most. I played vespiquen again and… you could probably figure out what happened. I needed a top 8 for an invite and played a bad deck choice. Even if I had made two by beating all the oricorio, I doubt that I would’ve made it into top 8. Poor draws cut me out of the tournament but I had no business making cut anyways so it didn’t matter. I hope to see everyone at worlds, particularly the Anaheim Open!

On a side note, my brother Nathan played mega ray in juniors and started out 6-0-3 day one (8 rounds for them day one so they game everyone a round nine tie) then started out 2-2 day two. He lost to Zion’s Zoroark deck, Reagan’s Rainbow road deck in rounds 11 and 12. He needed to win one more to make top 8 and went against espeon garb which is favorable. However in game three, his opponent (John Gavin III) topdecked a Lysandre off an N to low numbers for the game and for cut. RIP the dream although he would’ve had a hard time against Reagan even if he made cut. But his nats placements are getting better. Unfortunately he is now moving up to seniors and I know he’s gonna have a rough time so hopefully he can clutch some good cp day two if he can get past day one which shouldn’t be an issue.

Year reflection: I personally don’t think I tried enough. I theorymoned matchups a lot and didn’t test as much as I thought I should. Had some bad luck towards the end of the season but that doesn’t excuse my poor league cup performances as well as San Jose regionals. So starting with the Anaheim open, I am starting to put some actual time into what I do and hopefully a worlds 2018 invite will be mine! Best of luck in worlds everyone! I hope to see everyone there even if you aren’t competing


Hope to see you at worlds/anaheim open then! (Hopefully I won’t scrub day 1, but thats the most likely result if I am being honest XD)