Jirachi123's first season in masters. CP: 305


Rip :frowning: - Still a good run overall - Garbodor was an interesting choice, did you ever wish you had some extra draw/sustain options instead?


garb was for volcanion so considering I faced two volcanion that day I’d say it was pretty good. I never really needed more draw support as I didn’t dead draw much.

i played a league challenge today and went 4-1 for sixth (which was retarded cuz we had one 5-0 maybe one 4-0-1 and four or five 4-1s)

Musings on round eight: I should’ve but probably just offered the ID to Travis and hoped to win my next round because it was a bad matchup
During game three however, he had decided to forgo garb and I could’ve probably risked it and started attacking with giratina. However I didn’t but I think I stil had a chance if I hit my parallel city to get rid of his shrine but I didnt and he used damage change waaaay more than I would’ve liked.


League cup with bees zoroark herider
R1 vs turbo dark W
R2 vs Volcanion W
R3 vs mega m2 garb espeon L (topdeck one of like, three cards that would have made me lose oh well)
R4 vs solgaleo lurantis W
R5 vs Mega ray espeon W
R6 vs Tauros GX disruption
I won but offered the ID as he was 3-0-2 and had a shot at cut with3-0-3. He’s playing in top four as I write this
T8 vs volcanion LWL game one had Vespiquen revitalizer as last two prizes so I ran out of attackers whoops
Game three he has two volcanion ex each with two energy on bench and active volcanion baby. I N him to two kill baby. He draws attached fire to new active ex plays shaymin setup for five the plays vs seeker for sycamore draws T-mail for max elixer gets energy on bench I scoop cuz after this turn he has one prize left
Oh well
+20 cp


UPDATE: my round six opponent won the whole thing wow


would this deck be good for league cups in a seniors mets with a crap ton of dark and some volcanion and gardy? I’m playing in a league cup near me this weekend. Is this deck still a good play or obsolete.


I mean, it has the potential to beat anything when you play it right but you can lose to anything if you misplay. Practice makes perfect with this deck.


There is less need for herdier imo at league cups, you’ll deal with more volcanion in a lot of east coast metas and eeveelutions will take that a bit


Personally? I will take the volcanion matchup without eeveeloutions. Herdier and the rest of Phinn’s list is card-for-card perfect IMO. I got a little unlucky in top 8, but I still firmly believe that the volcanion matchup is good when you play it right. This deck takes more matchup testing and skill to do well than techs.


Utah! Played phinn Lynch’s bees list again
R1 vs Diane schemanske w/mega ray LWW
R2 vs Robby Kingston w/mm2 garb either LWW or WLW can’t remember
R3 vs Solgaleo Lurantis WW
R4 vs Frank Percic w/Yveltal Garb LWW
R5 vs Daniel Altavilla w/Bees/zebras/zoroark LWT
R6 va Roberto Lozada w/dark dragons LL
R7 vs Christopher Kemp w/volcanion LWW
R8 vs Drew Kennet w/Gyarados WT
R9 vs Tony J w/Dark Dragons LL
R10 vs Chris Clemens w/mm2 LWL
R11 vs Joeseph Perez w/DeciPlume LL
R12 vs Mega ray espeon WW
R13 vs Confessor Davila w/mega gardy w Karen LL
R14 vs @kpiplup w/deciplume LL (most painful match of the tournament tbh)
1-4, 7-6-1, 28th +32 cp


Rough day two tho. Nice job at T32. How many players?


I believe around 300.


300 master, 65 seniors, 59 or so juniors


that soundsabout right


hmm i wonder what happened


Volcanion is a weird matchup for Vespiquen. They have to use baby volcanions to KO attacker in order to maintain an even prize trade. Generally bees can win if they play well, but if they whiff lysandre or other things early on, then Bees can lose easily.

Bees takes practice to play well as well as some skill and matchup knowledge. A bees player who you played after you were both doing awfully probably wasn’t very good so you either misplayed or played the matchup wrong

However, my match vs volcanion was
-lost game one due to a decklist error
-he tried to just use baby volcanions and benched minimal ex Pokémon but he started shaymin and I lysandred his one volcanion ex really early to KO it. He couldn’t really draw anything after that so he scooped
-game three he bricked

Also, if you think that I played you, my record was 4-1-1 at the time


I misplayed quite a bit. Plus 2 of my baby vulcanions were prized

just noticed


League cup with bees once again
R1 vs lurantis plume W
R2 vs @OshaWaterBottle w/turbo dark L cuz I’m bad
R3 vs Tauros GX thingy W
R4 vs mega gardy PRC/xerneas W
R5 vs Lapras/gumshoos W
T8 vs espeon eeveeloutions w/Lugia &wobb WLL dead drawing two games isn’t fun
+14 cp can we plz.breakthis top 8 curse?


So because of the point changes, I just gained 80 cp (I thought I gained less but my Pokémon account says otherwise). YEEET 290/500


Halfway there keep going.


Well, Seatttle was really depressing. I played bees with zoroark and wobbufetts (no herdier this time) and got sacked for the first time in over a year (maybe two years actually). In round one I played vs decidueyeplume and in game three I N’d him to one. He had 20 cards left in deck and 2 energies. If he drew an energy, he won. Guess what he drew?
Then I played against Mia violet in some round I forget. She was playing zoroark/zoroark break/drampa and I N’d her to three three times. Each time she had some way of obtaining a sycamore. Eventually, I N’d her to one. She had one prize left, drampa with three energy in the active, and I had a fresh vespiquen active and I hit her not for knockout. She had about 20 cards left in deck… and drew kukui for the win. So we tied.
Played against greninja the next round and drew pretty poorly game 1 and 3 but that wasn’t really any salt as greninja is a tough matchup. Game three I actually was up 4 prizes but couldn’t find a vespiquen so he killed all my Combees and won.
Round 8 I played against kian amini with drampa espeon garb. Game one neither of us had perfect draws, but I couldn’t hit a vespiquen or a zoroark so I had to attack with tapu lele. He divided and killed my two combees then I hit him for 100 and I think benched a zoroark. He psybeamed me and didn’t really have much else. If I flipped heads on confusion I am sure I would’ve won, but I didn’t so he rolled me. Game two was another one of those “I N’d him to two he drew like a god” moments.

I went 3-0 in a little lc for + 15 co, but because of my awful luck, I need to win two league cups (something that has cursed me not to go past top 8) and make top 64 or possibly better at NA internationals

So yea this was pretty much a salt post. Honestly, the worst part about this game is that there are plenty of good players out there yet only a handful of them consistently do well because with the rest of them they either dead draw all day or hit awful matchups. I consider myself “decent enough for an invite” right now but the luck factor is too strong in this game.