Jirachi123's first season in masters. CP: 305


Well, here I go!!

Worlds day one: vespiplume Jolteon
R1 vs Emmet H w/night March
R2 vs Noah H w/vespiplume yveltal
R3 vs Logan C w/Trev BREAK
R4 vs I forgot w/night March
R5 vs Ian R w/night March bees
R6 vs Kenny P w/quad Zoroark/ baby yveltal and a druddigon
Day two yaaaaay

Day two worlds: Bunnelby/Houndoon/Vileplume
R1 vs Risso(?) w/ quad Zoroark with things
R2 vs Jon-Luke M w/M Man/baby yveltal/Jolteon
R3 vs James H w/vespiplume/Jolteon
R4 vs Michael L w/Xerneas BREAK/Giratina
LL almost won game two if only I hit those darn flare grunts woulda brought it to a tie
R5 vs Forgot name sorry w/waterbox
LL (I don’t discard any energy he top decks five. IDEK how to life)
R6 vs Austin S w/waterbox
R7 vs Martin w/Yveltal BREAK/Darkrai ex/Mew/other things

3-4 bleeeeh
+40 cp


Shoulda stuck with it for day 2 :stuck_out_tongue:


Bunny doom plume wasn’t even bad, I would’ve probably gotten at least top 32 if I didn’t get sacked a bunch.


Nice performance overall jira!

I did absolute garbage at worlds day 1 (0-3 drop) with a meta deck, absolutely cool seeing something like bunny plume do fairly well!


Thanks! I wouldn’t say it did fairly well… But it was something I could’ve top 32’d with. I ended up getting 72nd lol. Actually if I won my last round I had a shot at top 32 but idk if my resistance was good enough.


Good job doing better than me day 2 lol, good luck next year!


Played my day one VV list at an lc. Went up against two Greninja and a night March. Was 2-0 and then I had three cards left in deck vs Greninja. I needed my last DCE of i got it I won if I didn’t I lost. I drew…


My next card was DCE which made me rly salty as I lost two packs and some sick Zygarde sleeves

+12 cp


Gl in masters this year!


So, I’m going into this season with the mindset of “I can do this. Invite here I come”.
Good luck to everybody this year!!


Try to grind out your 22 lc points this weekend~ Summer season is ending!

You can do it, I was talking to a good friend about the new system and he wasnt worried. Granted he had 500cp without nats last season but make sure you get your cup points!


I have a standard lc this weekend!!


Went to an lc today in standard format. Went 4-2. I would not like to reveal the deck I used but basically:
R1 vs Volcanion W
R2 vs Mew FCo/Yveltal XY/Zoroark/Zoroark BREAK/Yveltal ex L (played poorly, ended up decking out not on account of my poor play)
R3 vs Vespiquen/Zebstrika/Garbodoor W
R4 vs Darkrai/Giratina L(got hit by his one red card turn one and drew all unplayable cards so he KOed my only basic turn three)
R5 vs M Mewtwo Y/Garbodor W
R6 vs Zygarde ex/Regirock ex W
8th place, +6 cp lol.


By the way, you couldn’t have gone 3-2 in a 6 round tournament.


SAN Jose played plume box
R1 vs Greninja
R2 vs yveltal Maxie’s WW
R3 vs dark dragons WLW
R4 vs dark dragons WLW
R5 vs night March WW
R6 vs turbo dark LL dead draws for dayzzzz
R7 vs dark dragons (san hough lol) WLW (deserved to lose game two)
R8 vs dark dragons WLL dead drew game three whoops
R9 vs yveltal Maxie’s WLW
6-3 not bad for my first masters regiomals
41st with highest resistance of 6-3s yaaaay
Now I’m just depressed
RIP @Joebear and @smashandslash


San Jose LC expanded played volcanion
R1 vs donphan W
R2 vs trevenant L (couldn’t play sycamore without having to discard supporters RIP)
R3 vs Landybats W
R4 vs yveltal giratina garbodor W
R5 vs TDK W
R6 vs Metal Maxie’s Gallade (yes he got Gallade, drew dead in the beginning and it turned out to Be closer than I’d liked) W
5-1 2nd +12 cp

I also think I got +24 cp from top 64 so…


Yay league cup
Played Y/Garb
R1 vs m mewtwo y L
R2 vs mirror W
R3 vs rainbow road W
R4 vs Volcanion W
R5 vs Volcanion W
R6 vs dark dragons ID
T8 vs rd 1 opponent WLL dead drew game two game three also dead drew but I had a shot if he whiffed garb and if I topdecjed sycamore into garbodor FFB DCE
+20 cp yaaay 114/500


League cup report standard played volcanion
R1 vs mirror L
R2 vs dark dragons W
R3 vs gyarados W
R4 vs mirror W
R5 vs turbo dark W
R6 vs MegaRay W
T8 vs mega mewtwo garb with birch LWL game three was the only game i bricked all day wtf

At the request of a friend, my brother got second in juniors hopes see this

+8 cp I hate league challenges now


Saw it!! Lil bro should of won this one.


Yea not exactly sure what happened in game two/three if there was one but he drew bad game one.


Anaheim… played dark dragons garbodor
R1 vs waterbox LWT
R2 vs passimian new FCO WLW
R3 vs mega Ray Jolteon WW
R4 va azul Griego WLL (game three is too long to explain but I think it was close)
R5 vs volcanion WW
R6 vs Harrison Frazier volcanion WW
R7 vs mega Ray glaceon jirachi promo WW
R8 vs Travis nunlist mega mewtwo garb espeon GX WLL
Still in it I guess…
R9 vs tauros garbodor LL (both games involved him topdecking the win when I had game) (insert curse word here)

Top 128 maybe? +16 cp I think