Jirachi ROS Variants // BCR-on

Pokemon: 16
4 Jirachi ROS
2 Emolga LTR
2 Skrelp FLF
2 Dragalge FLF
3 Bronzor PHF
3 Bronzong PHF

Energy: 4
4 Metal Energy

Trainer: 40 (14 + 22 + 4)
4 Professor Juniper
4 N
1 Colress
2 Lysandre
1 Lysandre’s Trump Card
1 Teammates
1 Wally
1 Life Dew
3 Switch
4 Ultra Ball
4 Hypnotoxic Laser
2 Battle Compressor
4 VS Seeker
4 Acro Bike
4 Silent Lab

Jirachi’s Doom Desire Knocks Out the Defending Pokemon at the end of the opponent’s next turn, with Dragalge and Hypnotoxic Laser preventing that Pokemon from retreating. Emolga sets up the Bench and retreats for free. Bronzong powers up Benched Jirachi. Silent Lab shuts down Rush In and Verdant Wind.

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With only 4 attackers in the deck, could I recommend something like a single copy of Sacred Ash for recovering Jirachi’s?

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Also recovers Lasers.

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Does Jirachi’s attack specifically target the Defending Pokemon that’s in play during the turn you attack, or is it targeting whatever Pokemon’s in play at the end of your opponent’s next turn (when the attack’s affect would take place.) Basically, if the oppenent plays a switch, would it KO the new Pokemon, or would the attack not work?

It’s an effect placed on the Defending Pokemon at the time the attack is made. If it goes to the bench for any reason, even if it ends up active again, the effect is removed.

Maybe dragalge/lasers?

Already in the first list that @Skyla posted.
Jirachi ROS Variants // BCR-on

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Just four? and no Prof. Letter or other search (besides Teammates)? You need 2 to use Doom Desire and you have 4 Jirachi. Do you use the first Battle Compressor to discard 2 energy and one supporter? Or is that not how you play this deck? Four just seems really low to me.

The following is a rule of thumb I personally use, it isn’t for everyone: I usually try to have enough energy in my deck to power up all my attackers with a full bench of (5) pokemon (within reason of course). This means I would try to use at least 6 energies, but 8 sounds better.

What about dropping an N, an Acro Bike (or 2), and a Bronzong?

Other potential partners for Jirachi RSK: Seismitoad-EX w/ or w/o Ghetsis to void Switch and Escape Rope, Exeggutor PLF who already runs with Dragalge to avoid Cassius and AZ as well has deny Draw Support, or maybe Victini EX w/ Victory Piece (I think there is even a Seismitoad-EX/Victini EX/Dragalge deck floating around too).

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I understand that it’s applicable, but in my personal view adding Seismitoad-EX removes the original Pokemon’s condition, and it becomes a Seismitoad-EX variant.

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If Jirachi RSK’s biggest threat to success is Switch/Escape Rope, then you can bet your mother I’m going to use Seismitoad EX/Ghetsis. I don’t care about personal views.

However, either Toad lock or Egg lock would be interrupted once you use Doom Desire, so that your opponent would be able to use Items or Supporters again to nullify the effect of the attack…

Ghetsis seems helpful, and I would definitely try it out!

I was playing this with the mew ex and drayage and I really liked the flow… I also played hammers. Switch isn’t a huge problem because there is never really many in one deck, and they can’t save everything. Toad itself is still playable because you force them to either land heads on scoop up, play switch, or waste the second dce on saving it.