January 2020 Schedule


Th 1/2: @croxtonveryepic

Tu 1/7: @Tablemon
W 1/8: @socery
Th 1/9: @Alex_Schemanske

1/11–12: Bochum :de: … UPR–CEC

Su 1/12: @Jose
M 1/13: @thefleeee
Tu 1/14: @croxtonveryepic
W 1/15: @xpero
Th 1/16: @Sem_Medo

1/18–19: Dallas :us: … BLW–CEC

Tu 1/21: @socery
Th 1/23: @Alex_Schemanske

1/25–26: São Paulo :brazil: … UPR–CEC
1/25–26: Sword & Shield :crossed_swords::shield: … PR Weekend #1

Tu 1/28: @thefleeee
W 1/29: @Jonner
Th 1/30: @Tablemon

2/1–2: Sword & Shield :crossed_swords::shield: … PR Weekend #2


  • We are not planning to do much more UPR–CEC Standard coverage (because most of our readers are based in the US and the format is growing old), but we will do a comprehensive BLW–CEC Expanded lead-up to Dallas Regionals, which will be exciting.

  • The schedule is slightly tentative right now; there may be a date or two shifted around.

  • As always, if you have any feedback, questions, or suggestions, message me on here, tweet @SixPrizes, or email adam@sixprizes.com.

Thanks for your support—we are all super excited for the new year, new Expanded, and new cards (the release of Sword & Shield base expansion)!