January 2019 Schedule


Wednesday 1/2: @xpero
Thursday 1/3: @JimmyPendarvis

Monday 1/7: @KPiplup
Wednesday 1/9: @Tablemon
Thursday 1/10: @tnunski

Monday 1/14: @Alex_Schemanske
Tuesday 1/15: @TheIsaiahW
Wednesday 1/16: @kwisdumb

[Dallas Regionals]

Tuesday 1/22: @xpero
Wednesday 1/23: @Alex_Schemanske
Thursday 1/24: @JimmyPendarvis

Tuesday 1/29: @Tablemon
Wednesday 1/30: @TheIsaiahW


Heads up, y’all: No word from @TheIsaiahW today (as of 6pm ET), so there will likely be no article published today. I will check to see if it’s been submitted Wednesday morning.

Follow-up (Jan 16, 6pm ET): Still no word from Isaiah, so the article is canceled.


I am about to begin editing @Alex_Schemanske’s article for today—look for it in about 3 hours!


No article from Isaiah today—sorry everyone. Again, I’ve heard no word from him regarding today’s scheduled piece and nothing has been submitted. We’ll be back next week with Team Up coverage from @Ruiner, @xpero, and @Alex_Schemanske.