January 2017 Article Schedule

12/31–1/1: Dallas Regionals … Standard … PRC–EVO

Wednesday 1/4: @bradscurcio (Dallas recap, projections for Athens)
Thursday 1/5: @kazambolt (thought piece — on publicizing deck lists on Facebook during events)

Tuesday 1/10: @flygon (Athens)

1/14–1/15: Athens Regionals … Standard … PRC–EVO

Wednesday 1/18: @KPiplup (Athens recap, projections for Anaheim)
Friday 1/20: @kazambolt (Sun & Moon speculation, Anaheim, League Cups)

1/21–1/22: Sun & Moon Prerelease Weekend #1

Tuesday 1/24: @CeladonBrit (Sun & Moon, Anaheim, League Cups??)
Thursday 1/26: @MichaelSlutsky (Sun & Moon, Anaheim, League Cups??)

Tuesday 1/31: @tnunski (Sun & Moon, Anaheim, League Cups??)

2/18–2/19: Anaheim Regionals … Standard … PRC–SM
3/4–3/5: St. Louis Regionals … Expanded … BLW–SM
3/25–3/26: Portland Regionals … Expanded … BLW–SM

We’re going to be throwing in some “thought pieces” in January, which are going to be free content for everyone to read. I think many of us are excited about the idea of discussing new topics that typically wouldn’t fit into Underground pieces, so I hope you’ll also look forward to those articles as well!

Hey everyone! @bradscurcio’s article for today will be out in about an hour or so. I’m honing in on the title and images right now. Here’s the table of contents as of this moment:

Dallas Report

  • Match Recaps
    Tier List — Post-Dallas/Pre-Athens Edition
    S Tier
  • Yveltal/Garbodor
  • Mega Gardevoir
  • Volcanion
    Decks That Improve with Giratina’s Release
  • Zygarde/Carbink
  • Darkrai/Dragons
  • Yveltal/Zoroark
    Greninja Revised

@flygon’s article is looking good! It’s about Volcanion and his backup play for Athens. We’re honing in on heads/captions/the title right now. I’m about to take a break and will finish up within the next couple of hours.

Almost ready! Just waiting on Jimmy to get back to me on two final edits, then we’ll be live. :movie_camera:

Hey y’all. Just got started on @KPiplup’s article for today. Expect it fully ready sometime late tonight. For now, here’s a preview:


What happened to Brit’s article?

We were planning for a thought piece last week but had to cancel it because of scheduling conflicts.

Currently in a holding pattern waiting for @tnunski’s article:

My internet has been out for a week and continues to be on the fritz. I wrote my article on a word document but currently cannot send it to you, but after work I’ll be able to go to where I have internet access and can email it to you then! Sorry it’ll be a bit late.

I’m not sure exactly what time he’ll be off work, but I’ll be ready to begin editing whenever that is.

EDIT: ETA is 6pm MT (8pm ET) so publishing time is going to end up being quite late.