January 2016 Article Schedule

Tuesday 1/5: @KPiplup (Texas Marathon report)
Thursday 1/7: @eriknance

Tuesday 1/12: @DylanLefavour
Thursday 1/14: @kazambolt

Tuesday 1/19: @thevilegarkid
Thursday 1/21: @CeladonBrit

[1/23-1/24: BREAKpoint Prerelease Weekend #1]

Tuesday 1/26: @BrandonCantu
Thursday 1/28: @ChaosJim

[1/30-1/31: BREAKpoint Prerelease Weekend #2]

As always, if you have any topics requests, please let us know!

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An FYI for the curious: my article for tomorrow has been moving along at a depressing but steady pace for the last 36 hours. Despite my best efforts to be concise, it’s getting lengthy, and my stuffed sinuses are adeptly interrupting my concentration.

You’ll see it tomorrow, but don’t exactly count on it for afternoon leisure reading.


We’re getting there … should have the article ready within 2 hours. It’s a good one. :ok_hand:




Do you know when @eriknance’s article will be out?

After I think of a title. (It’s almost ready.)

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We’re mostly ready with @DylanLefavour’s article for today. Just have captions to go and revisions in one spot. I think we’ll be able to publish within the next two hours.

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When’s @thevilegarkid’s article going to be ready?

Today sometime. I’m done proofreading + formatting but still have to do images which can be lengthy process. I’d guess maybe 4 hours from now.

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To give everyone a heads up on my editing progress, I’ve done a couple of sweeps through @BrandonCantu’s article but still need to take another close look at it and then do images. I’ll probably have it ready in 3 hours or so.

@ChaosJim sent his article in on Sunday night and I’ve got it actually totally proofread and formatted! It still needs images too though. It’ll definitely be ready for Thursday morning.

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