James's 2017-18 Season 402/400


uhh I better not be bad at cups

Internats w/Lapras 190th +80 CP


Anaheim Open w/Gardy
57th +50 CP

Costa Mesa w/Zoroark
105th +40 CP

League Cups:

S1 Decks/Placements: Espeon/Garb T8/Gardy 1st
S2 Decks/Placements: Lycanroc/Zoroark
S3 Decks/Placements: Zoroark/Golisopod
S4 Decks/Placements:
S1 1 50/25
S2 2 20/X
S3 40/32
S4 50/15


Are you going to any east coast regionals this year?


Nah, just going to try to get to 330 CP with cups before Columbus.


What placement is 70 cp at internats?


Was told wrong/didn’t do research. T512 is 60 points and t256 is 80 points, so I guess get to 320 at the very least.


If T512 requires 1600 ppl like I think it does, it’s reasonable we hit that this year. If you make it to 320 it’s not bad to see if you can hit the T16 cup before internats just in case.


well, I got my invite this year! was at 322 heading into Nationals and clutched it with Lapras at 6-3.