"It Takes Two to Tango" – The Top Five Stage 2 Decks of NXD-FLF

Stage 2s still have some bite. Hey everyone! I’m back this month and I’ve never been more excited to put out an article. This time, I did a little collaborating with my good friend Kyle Sabelhaus and we cranked out two Top Five lists for you guys. My article will focus on the Top Five Stage 2 decks in the format. You’ll have to wait until this Thursday to see what Kyle’s got cooking in the Sabelhaus Kitchen! As mentioned, I’ll be counting down what I believe to be the Top Five Stage 2 decks right now. And when I say Stage 2 decks, I don’t mean Blastoise or Rayboar. I’m talking about…

Link: http://www.sixprizes.com/2014/05/13/it-takes-two-to-tango-the-top-five-stage-2-decks-of-nxd-flf/

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Are the Stage 2 decks that require Tropical Beach (besides Flygon) viable without it against the top decks in the meta?

In my opinion, usually not. Stage 2 decks just need cards so bad in the early turns that you usually cannot afford to not have Beach.

Unfortunately, I really think Tropical Beach is necessary to the success of any one of these decks. Tropical Beach is one of the biggest reasons decks like these can even compete at the same level as decks that focus on Basics–they’re simply too slow and inconsistent otherwise.

If they end up cycling Beach, I don’t think that dropping the power creep is going to build up stage 2 decks again. Without Beach, stage 2 decks and even some stage 1 decks simply cannot keep up with the current basic-loaded format.

Regarding the article, it was really insightful for me and I greatly enjoyed reading it. It made me want to build both Flygon/Dusknoir and Kingdra/Greninja! Good read for sure.