Is there a way I can beat this deck?


Context: So my girlfriend and I are new to the TCG. I have had some years more experience than her playing other various tcg’s and this is her first one. However, despite trying several combinations of decks I am seriously struggling to counter hers. Win ratio is around about 3:1 to her.
We’re playing in an unlimited format with the cards we have available. If anyone can suggest a good counter to it, my budget is flexible. (im sick of losing :p)
I was wondering if anyone would be able to take a look at her deck and tell me a) is it actually a good deck, or does she just have good luck with packs. b) can anyone suggest a counter to this deck? Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:



2x Nidoran []
2x Nidorino []
1x Nidoking []
1x Nidoking BREAK []
2x Mewtwo []
1x Machop []
2x Machoke []
1x Machamp []
1x Machamp BREAK []
1x Pidgeot EX []
2x Pidgeot MEGA EX []
1x Zygarde []
1x Zygarde EX []


1x Cheren []
1x Professor Kukui []
1x Lillie []
2x Hau h[ttp://]
1x Tierno []
1x Cilan []
1x Pokemon Fan Club []
1x Teammates []
1x Black Belt []
1x Ace Trainer []
1x Misty’s Determination []
1x Professor Elm’s Training Method h[ttp://]
1x Engineers Adjustments []


2x Professor’s Letter []
1x Town Map []
1x Super Potion []
1x Timer Ball []
1x Energy Retrieval []
1x Switch []
1x Pokemon Catcher []

1x Poison Barb []
1x Lucky Helmet []
1x Lucky Egg []

7x Psychic
7x Fighting
2x Rescue []
1x Rainbow []


What is her strategy when playing the deck? Does she use the BREAKs or Megas more often? Try to hard counter that aspect. However, I think you should just play a consistent deck. If you can play a deck that can hit relatively high numbers, about 100, without to much effort (passmissian, gyarados, most EX decks), you should outspend her the entire game. If all else fails, buy a worlds deck and sleeve it up, and hope she doesn’t notice. Good Luck!


Mewtwo is her standard play unless she can pull out pidgeot EX. I’ve built s deck that uses volcanions steam up combined with reshimram and blue flare for consistent big damage but the deck runs out of steam very quickly and meet so counters the energy costs of my Pokemon heavily.
My other deck counters her breaks by making use of giratina on the bench which is great. Thundurus ex nukes pidgeot but I seem to be relying on top decking to get what I want but if I add in more draw/communications I’ll have to substantially change up the pokemon I use to attempt to counter hers.


Volcanion is a very good deck, and most likely something to look at again. Reshiram seems unnecessary, so I recommend Volcanion EXs, which you can easily get with them released in tins. If you worry about mewtwo, add a Pokémon ranger, which also helps Volcanion. Good luck!


Awesome thanks for the advice!