Is it any good?

I’m thinking for my first year of competitive play will be houndoom mill but is it really any good

With a Raticate (Evolutions Set) in it its a pretty good deck in my opinion

It’s very depressing to play against if you arn’t using 1 energy attackers or are using a complex deck (e.g. aerodactyl/talonflame.dek): But with a vespiquen deck though, I feel the MU is like getting a bye.

I have a ton of fun with it and I have had some success in the past. (Top 2 @ States last year)

It’s a fun enough deck to start out with, but as someone who has a lot of experience with Sableye/Garbodor, it just feels like a desperate attempt to bring a broken mill deck into standard. It has bad matchups to Yveltal, Volcanion, Vespiquen, has a shaky m mewtwo and rainbow road, and is literally incapable of beating Greninja. The fact that it’s best matchup to a meta deck is like a 45/55 would shake me from playing it, but you don’t need shaymin, which is good for someone starting I suppose.

It would (theoretically) be good for League Cups, since they only have one shot at figuring out how to beat your deck.

You should check out this great video from a World class player explaining the deck and playing a few games with it. This will give you a good start when thinking about the deck and learning how to play it optimally.